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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

This post is sponsored by Artisan Hardware but all opinions are my own.

Hi guys! Kathy here! It's been a minute. Life has been very busy these days. With the grand kids, and just life in general. But it's all good, and I wouldn't have it any other way! But you know us, we can always squeeze in a home remodel project! 

A couple of months of ago we decided that our poor 25 year old wood floors needed replacing. And then we thought if we're going to replace ALL the floors then we might as well just go ahead and do the laundry room/bathroom remodel we had been wanting to do. Can you say, snowball effect!


And then as if the remodel gods were looking down on me, Artisan Hardware contacted me and asked if I would like to collaborate together! Can you say HECK YEAH!!

In the bathroom remodel plan, Mike and I had already discussed how cute a barn door would look for the bathroom door.  I'm not sure if cute was the word he used but he liked the idea! So I was over the moon excited! And having worked with Artisan Hardware before (they provided the hardware in my guest room makeover)  I knew what an amazing company they were! You can check out that post HERE!

Artisan Hardware

Artisan Hardware is full of rich history, and pride themselves in developing lasting relationships by creating quality products. They are now the exclusive barn door provider for Pottery Barn and have been featured on many HGTV programs and Better Homes and Gardens.

Now came the daunting task of picking just one beautiful Artisan Hardware door. Because in all honesty, I could pick out several with no problem! :) We decided on the Z Barn Door with the Contemporary Hardware and because they will customize your door any way you want it, we had it painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove.

The theme of this bathroom/laundry room remodel is black, white and wood. A combination that's on trend right now. But for me, the reason is it's just so clean and fresh looking.


We couldn't be more pleased with the final product!

 I love how much character a barn door brings to a space. And the quality of this door is AMAZING! The finish is so smooth, almost like glass! We never could have gotten it so smooth! (Sorry honey)  It's not like a plain ole door that you just pick up at a home improvement store. Oh no, this door is the real deal! In my opinion barn doors have gotten watered down in their quality.

But this baby will last a lifetime!  Artisan Hardware has made sure of that!

Simple Door Handle

It closes so nice and smooth. And don't worry about privacy, everything is covered and actually very sound proof.

We added the latch because well, it is a bathroom! ;)

The wonderful people at Artisan Hardware are offering you 10% off with code THEDAILYNEST


It's so nice to have a project turn out even better than you imagined!

 So if you're shopping for barn doors you can trust Artisan Hardware for all your barn door needs!

Thanks for stopping by!

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