Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Target Haul!

I went to Target the other day and had a pretty good haul!

I haven't been in a long time!

Crazy I know!!!

The last time I was there it seemed that things were pretty picked over. Maybe from the holidays.  But, I must have picked a good day this time!!

I'm so mad though! 
 I took a lot of pictures in the store on my phone of things that I thought you might like to see.

 Somehow when I was uploading them to my laptop they got deleted! Not happy!

Oh well! You know what that means? I just have to go back!

So as I've said in previous posts I'm making a slow but sure color change and just overall change in the look and feel in my living room and dining room. 

The first thing I spied were these extra cute Threshold woven wood benches in navy/cream!

 And immediately thought, "I need a bigger cart!"

They say on their website that they are only sold online, but there they were just waiting for me to buy them. And I did!

They look super cute under my shelf in the dining room. The bold pattern really brightens up the dark space! I love them!!

Next they had baskets galore!! So I picked up this sea grass basket to store our extra blankets and a new matching floor rug to go by the front door.

Now the reason I went in the first place was for this reading lamp or as they call it a bankers lamp.

It's their Threshold line (which by the way I love!) 

I love the antique brass finish, and for $39.99 I thought it was just right!

It makes this spot extra cozy!

I moved this little grey cabinet also from Target but from another haul, into the living room. I haven't styled the inside of it yet, so it looks kind of plain right now.

 I'm in the process of getting new chairs so this is all I'm going to show right now ;)

And last but not least. I've been eyeing this gold tortoise shell box from Nate Berkus' line.
So I picked that up.

So that's my little Target haul! If you haven't been in a while you might want to go check them out!

Hope today is a good one!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Come Along For A Backyard Tour

Every Spring Mike and I always go around the yard and make a little Spring check list of things that need to be spruced up.

Most of the time we have Easter, which is the perfect time to spruce up for Spring. There's nothing like a get together at your home to get you in gear and get some projects done.  But, this year we are going out to Brunch. Which actually I'm looking forward to!

I started with the backyard, because we already know we have big plans for the front. More about that in a future post. But I'll say this... I'm excited! ;)

So this time I thought I would grab my camera and snap some shots to share with you while I did my evaluation. We're very professional here. 

 I think it might be time to get a new bird feeder. My Son gave me this one years ago for Mothers Day and I'm not sure I can part with it. We'll see.
 Mexican Petunia
 Meyer Lemon- It's actually loaded with lemons so I think I'll have a good amount to make a couple more lemon pound cakes  this year. Click on the link for the recipe.
 Calla Lilly
 Purple Pixie Loropetalum
 My beautiful stag horn that my husband put in the oak tree about 25 yrs. ago
 Peace Lily
 Rosemary and Snapdragons
 My favorite spot
 Under this oak tree
 Lavender, Oregano, and thyme (not pictured) in my garden box.
 My husband built this arbor a while ago. It's held up great. But it might be time to restain it.
We just added the white pvc fencing all the way around. Which I love!!
 Confederate Jasmine smells amazing when it blooms
 Relaxing in the Adirondacks for morning or evening coffee is also a great spot.
We also just redid this porch with brick pavers that match the pool pavers.
 I'm in the process of redoing our porch so this is just a sneak peak. New cushions from Pottery Barn in a navy and white bold stripe with red trellis accent pillows.
Sydney enjoying the sun!!

So all in all, Mike will be happy to hear that we're in pretty good shape!

Maybe just some bags of mulch, always like to refresh each year. And maybe restain the arbor and we are good to go!

Ready to swim, grill and just relax!!

Thanks for coming along!

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not Yo Mama's Easter Eggs!

Have you noticed that Easter eggs have come along way on the design front?

They're not the same ole eggs that we used to dye when I was little with the vinegar and the Paas egg dying kit!

You'd drop the colored tablet in the vinegar watching it dissolve, just waiting to create a masterpiece! Instead they would always turn out splotchy and uneven. And if you were like our family we would start dipping them in all the colors and we'd end up with poop colored Easter pretty!

I was always jealous of our neighbors because each kid got to dye their own dozen eggs! Where my sister and I had to share a dozen and then my Dad always had to come in and dye a couple! Traumatic I know! 

But still good memories!!

Anyway back to the eggs of today... To say the least people are doing some amazing things with Easter eggs!

Take a look!

These are done with a sharpie pen!! Incredible...edible egg! Sorry I couldn't help myself!

These unique eggs are decorated with wire!!

These gold leaf eggs are gorgeous and fun!

Yvonne over at Stone Gable has a tradition of making onion skin dyed Easter eggs each Spring.

If you haven't popped over to Stone Gable you really should! Her home is decorated impeccably for Spring...but beware you'll want to throw everything out of your house and start over!

So hopefully this has inspired you to get creative with your Easter eggs this year.

And go ahead and be wild and buy each one of your kids a dozen!

They'll remember!!

Make it a great weekend!