My Nordstrom Anniversary Picks!

Friday, July 20, 2018

It's Here!!

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is finally here! If you're like me I knew nothing about it for a long time! But then through the beauty of Instagram influencers I was enlightened!

If you're a card holder, you've had access for a while now, but don't despair because the public access opens today,  Friday July 20th!!

I've gone through and picked some of my favorites from beauty, like my favorite of all time cleanser, to these super cute earrings, to my snuggly throw that I have to have to watch nighttime television!

And of course who can forget the amazing home decor products that I found while scanning their entire site!

Like these cute turkish towels that can be used for a table cloth, picnic blanket or shawl! I also picked up these beautiful Euro shams for my bed by ED by Ellen Degeneres 

So take a look around at what I chose and just click on the link and it will take you directly to the product pages!  I would love to hear what you bought! So let me know!

Happy Shopping!





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Care Of A Fiddle Leaf Fig

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I recently posed a question and answer segment on my Instagram stories and was overwhelmingly surprised by how many questions I received about the care of a fiddle leaf fig!

First, in case you're not sure what a fiddle leaf fig is. Let me give you a brief run down. Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry and fig family. It is native to western Africa, where it grows in the tropical rainforest.

This fiddle welcomes everyone from my front porch.

Now, to those who relish its architectural charm, and have interior designers swooning over its shapely, dark green leaves, it's the bread to your butter! 

The addition of a fig to your space will add a fresh modern vibe to your home. Which is why it has become the "It" plant of the design world!

Trendy? Maybe. But for now, who cares! They're beautiful, although tempermental little turds (which is what I've called them from time to time) when I was killing them at least once a month!

That is until I discovered the secret to keeping these little blankety blank blanks ALIVE!!

Once you discover the secret to their survival, they're actually a pretty easy, low maintenance houseplant!

Here's what I've learned so far!

1. Place in a sunny spot with indirect light, you don't want them to burn. 

2. Keep them away from drafts.

3. Water them once a week ONLY and for a small plant like mine (see photo above) I only give him 2     
     cups of water ONCE A WEEK!

4. If you find that he looks root bound and you need to repot him, just go to the next size pot. Do not
    go too large! They won't like this! I've done this and they will die!

5. Make sure that your pot has good drainage, they don't like wet feet!

6. Wipe their leaves with milk (that's right, milk) to keep their leaves clean and dust free.

That's it! I've never even fertilized mine! I've just followed these simple steps and for right now they seem happy and healthy!

Or you could play it safe and go the faux route, like this beautiful one from World Market ;)

Good luck!

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Fourteen Loves For February 14th!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Can you believe it? I feel like I just packed up my Christmas things! :(  How could this be?

Well it be! 

I thought I would round up fourteen favs that I think you would enjoy and make your Valentine's Day extra special! <3<3

 Now mind you we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in that way, if you know what I mean. We're not ones to go out and have a fancy dinner with roses and violins playing.

We're more the get a good steak and grill out and just enjoy the quiet of our home type!

Are you a fancy dinner type or a stay at home in your slippers and snuggle type?

Although I have to admit a nice present to open doesn't hurt! Am I right?

And any one of these things would make my day a little more special! Wink!

So I thought I would round up some pretties and maybe who knows you might like some for yourself. So just copy the link for this post and send it on over to your honey!

You can thank me later! <3

one / two / three / four / five

six / seven / eight / nine / ten

eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen

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New Hearth & Hand Spring Line!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas is over and now Spring is here!  

Well, not actually but the new Spring line from Hearth & Hand from Target is here! I'm not ashamed to admit it but I'm a little late to the party.  But now that I'm on it, I'm on it for the long haul!

I'm loving all their new (and not to mention) previous line! I don't know if you guys are like me but as soon as Christmas is over I'm ready for Spring...I'm thinking flowers, gardens, planting my herbs and dining alfresco and just enjoying our beautiful Spring weather. Which in my opinion is the best season in Florida!

But as my husband told be today, "We have our coldest weather after Christmas!" Party Pooper!! Alas, I'll have to enjoy looking at the Hearth & Hand ...Looking??

Oh who am I kidding, I ordered way too much already!!

This cream stoneware pitcher was the first thing in my cart. I didn't have a white pitcher and I think everyone needs one. Not only is it functional, but it would also look so pretty with Spring flowers in it.

These black house lanterns are shown with candles but I have the perfect window ledge where plants grow nicely so I'm going to fill them with succulents.

Aren't these floor pillows just too cute?? I got two of them and I think the grandkids will love to sit and watch movies on them!

Have you discovered Hearth & Hand at Target?? I'd love to hear what caught your eye!

Have a great day!

Shop more Hearth & Hand by clicking here!

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Tis The Season! A Home Tour

Friday, December 22, 2017

I hope this holiday season finds you happy and healthy! It's been such a long time since I posted, I almost forgot how to do it! ;)

We've had a rough 4-5 months around here. Both my parents have been having serious health the same time! At one point my Mom was on one floor of the hospital and my Dad was on another! They are doing a little bit better but it seems like everyday is a new issue.

But I try and take a deep breath and deal with things one day at a time!

This too shall pass.

I thought this year I would go for a cozy, ski lodge theme. And yes I do live in Florida, but I can dream right?

Let's start with the outside!

I added some pretty little snowflakes on either side of the doorway and when they catch the light they look so pretty.

A wreath from Wayfair tied with a red tartan plaid scarf is the perfect welcome!

And of course I have to show off my husbands talent of lighting this place UP! It truly is a magical sight to see when we come home!

I'm loving my tree in the metal Peyton barrel from World Market This is the large size and I think it gives my tree a unique look! What do you think?

We're loving our new rolling barn door entertainment center from Urban Farmhouse. This piece is in the color gunmetal and because its used with reclaimed wood no two pieces are the same.

There's nothing like the kitchen during the holidays, with the delicious smells coming from the oven to the twinkling lights and dried oranges on the garland above the all says "Christmas!"

I'm obsessing over buffalo check this year! Its just so stinkin cute! The rug is from Amazon and the dish towels are from McGee & Co.

And of course I cannot say enough about my quartz countertops from CAMBRIA The color is torquay and it was the best upgrade we've ever done! And trust me there's been a lot!!

My little coffee station has taken on a little bit of a sense of humor with the letter board from Amazon! When my boys were growing up Home Alone was one of their favorite movies and they always loved this quote from the movie! Here's to my babies!

And to be honest on days when I don't have my coffee, this is how I feel! Ugh!! :(

The dining room got a little taste of fresh greens and large sugar pinecones in my large dough bowl. If you don't have a large dough bowl and you like this look, I would encourage you to get one. You won't find a more versatile decorating item.

I moved my gold federal mirror and brass wall sconces in here and I'm loving the contrast with the dark Benjamin Moore Hale Navy walls.

The bedroom is always a favorite of mine to decorate for Christmas. The fireplace just makes it so warm and cozy and this year I added a beautiful plaid comforter from Pottery Barn.

And of course my sweet pup, Sydney had to make an appearance! She was 12 years old on the 21st of December but with the glow of the Christmas lights she looks like a young puppy!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour and hopefully it won't be so long between posts! ;)

And of course I'm still active over on Instagram, so stop by and say hello! Just click the camera icon under SAY HELLO on the right side.

You can also shop my house either from the right side or at the top of the page under SHOP!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Bedroom At Its Best

Friday, June 9, 2017

Hello friends!

I have to admit, I have a great bedroom! But if I'm being honest I didn't LOVE my bedroom!

It's a great size at 18x20 with a fireplace and corner window overlooking the pool. But it always seemed that the decor was lacking! Most of the decor were things that rotated from the living room. No real thought went into the decor back there! And I think that's why because its in the back of the house away from the traffic and kind of forgotten about.

So I decided to get my stuff together and do something about it! And one of the first things was to eliminate my dark bed! It was a pretty bed by Ethan Allen but it was just too heavy and dark! I wanted it to feel lighter, brighter and a little sexier! Baw chicka wow wow!! 

You get the idea! 😉😉

Introducing the Pottery Barn Harper Tall Bed

I chose the quick ship in the Oatmeal Linen. It's spectacular!

Now my husband was not so keen on the idea! I mean our old bed was a perfectly good bed. And I agree with that line of thought! But that's the way men think! If it ain't broke...So with MUCH negotiation I made it happen!! We won't go into the details of what I did or did not promise, lets just say that I could definitely get a job selling used cars somewhere!

Or at least I deserved a 🏆🏆

I switched out the settee for this reclaimed bench that we bought at a local salvage shop and I'm loving the mix of materials!

The Daily Nest Tip: Don't be afraid to mix materials, like what I've done here! Upholstered with rustic, bronze chandelier with gold lamps, country style quilt with fur! It all works and gives your room a collected look.

 With the tall headboard and the curse of the 8ft ceilings I had to move my JuJu hat over my dresser and other than I think its too high, I like it there.

I remembered that I had this sisal rug rolled up in my decorating closet and added it under the bed. Again, I'm loving all the different textures.

Finally, its a Bedroom At Its Best!



FUR THROW: Pottery Barn Alpaca Faux Fur Oversized  

MIRRORS: Overstock Abbyson Mirror

CHANDELIER: Ballard Design Cosette Chandelier

QUILT & SHAMS: Pottery Barn Pick-Stitch Handcrafted Quilt

BASKET & ALOE LEAVES: Pottery Barn Beachcomber Basket
Pottery Barn Aloe Leaf  

FIREPLACE ART WORK: Ballard Design Green Turtle Cay Art


WOOD VASES: Magnolia Market  

NIGHTSTANDS: Pottery Barn Devon Bedside Table

JUJU HAT: Etsy: Old World Shoppe  


LAMPS: Homegoods

BENCH: Tampa Bay Salvage

DIFFUSER: Young Living~Aria
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Bathroom Upgrade: Cambria Quartz

Thursday, June 1, 2017

This post is sponsored by Cambria Quartz USA but may contain affiliate links
all opinions are my own

Hi friends!

If you follow me over on Instagram you know we've been in the middle of a smallish bathroom update!


We have a new girl in our family, and her name is Ella!
 Ella is our new bathroom countertop provided by Cambria Quartz!  And we couldn't be more excited even if it was in the form of a human baby! Hmm, what does that say about me?

Anyway, let's backtrack a little to fill you in. It was just after Christmas when the fantastic people at Cambria and I decided to collaborate on a small bathroom reno. I was so excited to be working with such an amazing company, and also a little nervous because I wanted to make them proud!

First, they asked me if I would consider some other options other than Torquay from their Marble line. If you recall I have Cambria Quartz in Torquay in my kitchen and love it so much. Initially I thought I would use Torquay in my bathroom as well.

Torquay from Cambria

Of course I said yes!

In a couple of months we met with Christina from Cambria and Derek the owner of Adams Multicare. If you're local to the Tampa Bay area, I can't say enough about Derek and his great installers! They made the process so easy! Which is everything when doing a remodel!

 Derek pulled out the sample of Ella and bing, bang, boom the rest is history!

I love to take a look back at the before and see where we started....

Sorry for the poor lighting in this photo, I was a newbie photographer then.😒
This counter is Silestone, it's not bad, but we can do better! I just felt like it was looking dated with a lot of brown.

I still loved our custom vanity which is more of a cherry wood then it appears in the before photo. Its freestanding with pretty turned feet.

So let's get to the matter at hand and show the after!

It turned out better then expected which I always say in a home project, is a home run!
 I would love to tell you why I adore Quartz! First and foremost it does not need to be sealed! This is great! In fact the only maintenance you need to do is wipe it down with a mild soap and water.

Click here to read more about how easy quartz is to take care of ⇨⇨⇨Easy Maintenance

  It's also non-porous and non-absorbent, that means it's safer for your family because it won't harbor bacteria. Quartz provides so many more advantages than granite too...just click HERE to read more about them!

Okay so I've rambled on way to much.
But when you believe in a product like this, you want your very best friends to know about it too!

Such pretty subtle gray veining. You would think at first that it was marble!

I chose the Treeline Edge or bevel edge. Our installer thought it would look nice with our cabinets and mimic the cabinets edges.

Sussex Tube Sconce-PotteryBarn

The other "WOW" factor in the remodel is the wallpaper! I know what you're thinking. Wallpaper?? That's right it's making a comeback! I LOVE it! Its the Serena & Lily feather wallpaper in Bone.
 It's fabulous!
 It took a while to find a good paper hanger, because that's one job that my husband refuses to do! I don't blame him. This guy was done in 4 hours! Totally worth the frustration!

I added this silver bamboo mirror from Lamps Plus and it gives the room even more texture. My inspiration for this space is beachy, coastal and this was perfect!

Speaking of perfect, these two pieces that I found were also great additions to the coastal feel.

The Enya Seaglass Chandelier from Pottery Barn was a splurge I'll admit, but totally worth it! 

I knew I wanted a pretty piece of art for this wall, but everything I found was the typical "Beach" decor..seashell prints, sailboats, blah, blah, blah!

Then one night while scrolling the internet endlessly I came across this beauty!


I love Nordstroms, and this was exactly what I was looking for! It's a beach tower wall art in canvas and it's an impressive size of 24x30 but also comes in a 16x20.  And when it arrived I was amazed at the subtle, beautiful colors!

Also I have to let you in on a little secret...I did not shop in a store for one single thing that was purchased! That's right,  I confess I'm a professional on-line shopper! Well not really, but sometimes I feel like I'm one!

And lastly a big, HUGE thank you to my friends at Cambria for being so wonderful to me and being an absolute dream to work with! 💙💙

 I'm just so thrilled to share this with you guys, I just hope you're not on picture overload!

The best part about it is I don't even feel like I need a vacation, 
because It feels like my own personal ★★★★★ hotel!

Until next time friends!

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