Five Friday Favs

Friday, January 13, 2017

Welcome to Friday my friends!

My favorite day of the week!

I've decided to start a new series on the blog called...

~Five Friday Favs~

Every Friday I'll pop on and give you my five favorite things that I'm crushing on right now!

Quick, fast, and just in time to go weekend shopping!

And it could be my favorite cleaning products, or my favorite makeup...Who knows!

Maybe you have a wedding to go to that weekend, or its your best friends birthday, and you have no idea what to buy for them. Or possibly you want to buy something just for yourself!

(Its okay, its allowed!) :)

The guess work is done for you!

I'll post links, prices and where you can find these fabulous items!

Sounds fun, right?

So let's get this party started!

The first fav is this Levtex Drum Basket from Nordstroms. And can I say...

 I. Love. This. Basket!

It comes in three sizes, (Small, Medium, Large) I have the large and it comes with a lid.

I love the chevron straw design!

And baskets are a versatile piece of decor...functional yet stylish! They're great for holding magazines, toys, or anything else you want hidden from the world!

(Click the link under each photo for more info)
Nordstrom basket

Okay I have to admit that after I took my Christmas stuff down, I was in the mood for some new things! And the boxes were arriving "DAILY!"
(Insert side eye from husband)

And one of those things is this chair right below!

You will be sitting pretty with the Fremont armless chair by Beekman1802 Farmhouse sold at Target!

The stripes are reminiscent of farmers grain sacks but it offers a timeless design and not to mention comfort!

Freemont Armless Chair

Okay this fav is also a timeless design...I'm sensing a trend here!

Large clear candle holders. Plain and simple.

I love the sparkle they give the room in the evening, so cozy and homey!

And I love that you can change them up season after season with little effort or investment.

 Fill them with different kinds of vase fillers and you have a completely different look! I love how the candle holder is placed inside the clear vase to change the look in this photo below.

Or keep them empty, which is beautiful too.

Pottery Barn

Who out there has these flameless candles from Pottery Barn?


 True story. The UPS guy was ringing the door bell one day, and when I opened it, he was literally squatting down with his head eye-level to my lanterns that were by the front door trying to figure them out!

In fact the gold votive in the picture above is also a flameless candle from Pottery Barn. They're perfect for when you don't want to worry about burning say when the grandkids are over!

flameless candles

Now if flameless is not your thing, or if you're like me and still enjoy the ritual of lighting a candle, and of course the scent of a burning candle...

Run, don't walk and get these Nest Candles!

I have the Holiday scent which smells of pomegranate, mandarin, orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber!


I'm dying to try the Orange Blossom!
Nest candles

I hope you enjoyed my Five Friday Favs!

Stop by next Friday to see whats on the list!

Have a great weekend!

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Top Posts Of 2016!

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Happy New Year! I know I've been MIA but I thought I would drop in and do a quick round up of my  top posts of 2016!

First off I hope this finds you all happy, and well! I do miss posting and if I believed in New Years resolutions, mine would be to blog more! Without a doubt, 100%! 

So that is my goal!

The end of the year just seemed like a whirlwind for me! It seemed like it was Halloween and BOOM! It's 2017!

Its crazy how time flies so fast! :)

So lets get to why we are here...

(Click on the link under each photo to take you to the post)

-Starting in February 2016-





And because this project deserves a couple of pictures!

Wow! That was fun to look back on the year! 

I loved every project and I'm so grateful for my sweet husband who was there with me, working so hard, every step of the way!

I'm excited to see what 2017 brings!

Until next time, my friends!
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Feeling Modern!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hi friends!

Are you all feeling overwhelmed with Thanksgiving/Christmas literally right upon us?

I'm not ashamed to say it, but I am!

I'm having the whole fam-damily for Thanksgiving! Its about 20 of us! Now don't get me wrong, I love the day. The whole family together eating, laughing and just having fun!

But it's the days ahead to me that are the most stressful! 

My husband, Mike and I go into work mode like the world is going to end!

Cleaning, painting, mulching, planting, its crazy!

But when the day finally arrives we can sit back and just, enjoy!

Because I'm entertaining on Thanksgiving, I can't go full blown out Christmas, just yet! I don't think my guests would like that!

So right now I'm calling my house a mish-mosh of Thanksgiving/Christmas!

I recently sold my giant oversized Pottery Barn white club chairs and I couldn't be happier with the decision!

They were huge! They were hard to move and clean under, which I try to do at least once a week! Okay, once a month!

So when this happy mail arrived from All Modern yesterday I was thrilled!!

It's the Isabella Accent Arm chair and right now its 30% off the regular price!

This is the beige color but it comes in a huge variety of colors to meet your decor needs!

It features a classic French-style with a bold look, and the wooden arms and legs are gorgeous! 

I'm loving how it compliments my wood floors! 

And yes, that's a little bit of Christmas!

Shhh!! Don't tell Thanksgiving!

Don't forget that you can shop this look by clicking down below!

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Mad For Plaid

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well the election is FINALLY over, now maybe we can get back to normal!

It seems like the news nowadays is so negative. So with that I'd like to turn your attention to something a little more positive!

Christmas decorating!!

I know Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but being a blogger my mind is always running one holiday ahead!

Who am I kidding, I love Christmas and would probably decorate, blogging or not in July!

This year I'm MAD FOR PLAID!

And by the looks of online retailers, I'm not the only one!

My favorite thing in the world to decorate with is pillows and throws. Because its an easy way to give your room a totally new look. So I did a little online shopping and here's some pillows and throws that caught my eye.

And may have ended up in my cart!


Lets start with throws!

Throws add so much warmth and texture to your room. And can't your just see yourself curled up with a cup of hot chocolate with these!

Of course my love for buffalo check runs deep...way deep!

And buffalo check doesn't have to be red and black, or black and white. This pretty gray and white is buffalo check is great if your going with a more  neutral theme.

Now my other obsession. Pillows. When I say obsession, I'm not kidding!  I need a storage room just for my pillows. 

Tip: Use a Space bag to store your pillows. These bags definitely live up to the hype! Stores your items down to a manageable and easily stored size.

Sorry for the overload of sources, but I told you how much I love plaid! I think you will too!

You can shop these looks by clicking below!

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Beaded Wood Chandeliers

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I have to say out of all my questions that I get about my home, the #1 most asked question is about my dining room chandelier!

And It's All Good!

 I have to say I agree! Its an amazing chandelier! But I have to admit that when I was shopping for chandeliers for this room, I really didn't put a lot of thought into it!

I just got online started clicking around and out popped this Beaded Wood Chandelier and it was love at first sight!

And that's the way I roll when decorating! If I like it, I know it within the first couple of minutes!

Now, have I made mistakes?

Of Course I Have!!

 But I also have made mistakes about things I pondered on for days! Like maybe when we first  got married and moved into our house, I decided that I wanted our master bedroom peach and green!!!

No, I don't think you heard me! PEACH AND GREEN!!!

I remember thinking about it for days, maybe even weeks! Okay, okay, in my defense it was the eighties! So me and my big eighties hair decided to not over think it, just go with our gut feelings.

Yes, my eighties hair was big enough for its own brain, but that's another post!

Its Overstocks Sonoma Natural Beaded Black 8-Light Chandelier

Its elegant and dramatic with wooden beads and distressed metal accents, and gives my room an old world sophistication!

It looks so beautiful all dressed up for Christmas!

In searching the web I found some others that might have given mine a run for it's money!

I love these whitewashed wooden beads! So fresh, with a coastal feeling!

And this one with the wood accents to me has a nautical feel to it!

This one from Pottery Barn is the grandest of all! Talk about a statement piece!

Like what you see? Now you can shop straight from The Daily Nest to get the same look!

Just click on the pictures below under Shop The Post.

Shop The Post

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Exterior Remodel-The Reveal

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Well the exterior remodel is done! Finished. Complete. Terminated. Ceased.

Okay you get the point!

 Do you ever imagine the way things will look and they turn out better than you expected?

 This is one of those times. We couldn't be happier with the final look, and all the products that we chose!

And just for old time sake let's take a look at what it was like when we started.

And a progress photo!

And trust me it got WAY messier than this before it was over!

And here is the AFTER!

This project all in all took us about 2 1/2 months. Not too bad. But when its the front of your house and you see it every time you pull in and out, it seems like it took forever!

We decided almost at the last minute to add Hardie Board Planks to the wall above the stacked stone. It really balances the heaviness of the stone on the bottom and compliments the stones texture.

We are loving this carriage style garage door! I think it really makes the exterior POP!

Even though our mailbox is at the street, I've always loved these Copper Envelope Mailboxes. You can purchase one similar to mine from Joss & Main

 It adds a little charm to the front door, don't you think?

 Which if you saw in a previous post about the door color decision, as you can see I went with basic white. I thought with the stone and the Hardie board planks there was a lot going on. So sticking with white to coordinate with all the white columns and trim work give the house a cohesive look. And if I get wild and crazy one day and want to paint it, its no big deal!

All new landscaping was added my hard working husband! There's some flower beds near a shopping area that he always admires, so one day we were out and about and we pulled over to take pictures as inspiration! You never know where inspiration show up! :)

He planted these topiaries on either side of the window box to balance out the bed. They're called a Eugenia topiary (Eugenia myrtifolium, or Syzygium paniculatum) it looks so pretty here and I can already see it dressed in white lights for Christmas!

Having a front porch that's big enough to actually put a couple of chairs on, has been an absolute dream!  Once the weather cools down it will be nice to sit out on in the evening or early (not too early) mornings!

So there you have it! As I said before the remodel is fini and I couldn't be happier!
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