Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dining Room Updates!

Updating your dining room doesn't have to cost a fortune. Right? Right!

I've been wanting to update my dining room and living room for a while now. So I've been making slow but sure changes. 

I also didn't want to spend a fortune doing it. Because as you might have already guessed my tastes change like the wind!

So I put a lot of thought into it. And thought what bothered me so much about this room? I still loved my dining room table, it has a beautiful base and I do love the dark wood. 

But what was it that bugged me about it?
 Then it dawned on me! Too Matchy-matchy, even though I like the dark wood there was too much of it, pretty boring are some of the thoughts that came to mind.

And when I look back at my blog pics I don't have a lot of shots of this room.
Here's a before look:

Here's what it looks like now after a weekend of updating
I love how light and bright it is now! 
By just changing out the chairs and the curtains and adding a few new accessories, it gives the whole dining room a different look!

Curtains-Ikea Ritva

 I added plates in a navy/white pattern to both sides of the mirror. I bought these years ago at an antique store and I've always loved them. The pattern is "Blue Onion"
I thought they tied in nicely with my new navy/white benches that I just got from a recent Target haul that I mentioned here

And even though it's not done…
I'm thrilled with how it all turned out!
What do you think?
Projects that still need to be done:
New crown mold
New art work for both sides of the french doors
Something new for the corner with the chair
Possibly paint the shelf in the dining room

I would love you're input on this one:
Leave the shelf as is/Or paint it a creamy white!

Leave me a comment I read them all and love them all!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Creating An Outdoors Conversation Area

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

We did! Our Granddaughter was old enough this year to hunt for eggs with her little basket and it was probably the cutest thing ever!

She really knew what she was doing! Funny how quick they pick up on the concept of hunting eggs!

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was giving the back porch a little update. And I'm sorry I don't have pictures to show you yet. But do you ever feel like you have too many irons in the fire?

That's how I feel right now!

And let me tell you in decorating that is probably one of the biggest mistakes of all…to rush it!

So I'm taking a step back and letting my creative flow rest for a while without acting on it!

But that doesn't mean I can't show you what's in this little head of mine…So if you don't want to see look away!

My vision for our back porch is cozy, intimate and ready for some late night conversation. So how do I create it?

Here are a few simple tips-
1. Think about your outside area like you would the inside of your home
If you think of this area as just another room it really makes pulling it together easy.
 Whether the area is covered, screened, or open, try to pull the area together by an outdoor rug to form a conversation area. Set up cozy vignettes to make chatting into the night intimate and comfortable.
Farmhouse Porch by Atlanta Architects & Designers Historical Concepts

I'm in love with this porch swing and fireplace which houses a television behind the paneled doors above.
If you're designing an outside conversation area how about a pergola to define the space?

2. Put a lot of thought into your main pieces
Really think about how your going to use your space when picking out the important pieces, such as sofas and chairs.
 To give your space character and a collected look, your pieces should never be matchy-matchy. Maybe try different pieces from different collections. You'll be amazed at how this makes the space unique and "Yours" Which is what you want!

Joan from  For The Love Of A House does this impeccably! I love the wrought iron table with the wicker chairs. The iron table on the back wall was found while junking and was originally used as a garbage can holder! They added the marble top and tah-dah instant charm!

3. Accessories
Accessorizing your outdoor space is just as important as your indoor space. Add dramatic lighting such as a chandelier to give your space dramatic impact. Battery operated candles and lanterns make staying up late on your porch and possibly falling asleep no worry.
Use mirrors, even art if it's water safe. Pretty pots of flowers help to soften hard edges. If your area is covered keep a basket with lightweight blankets on hand to snuggle up with.

Candles and sconces add mood lighting at night.

Pretty pillows, blankets and a coffee table to prop your feet up on is a must when creating an outdoor space. A basket next to your favorite chair filled with your favorite books and magazines is a nice touch too.

Are you creating an outdoor conversation area?

I'd love to hear from you!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!!

Wouldn't you love to be here?

Just a reminder to keep your little part of the earth clean so it can be enjoyed for generations to come!

Have a great day!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Tablescape

Just a short post today to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter from my home to yours!

I wanted to share with you my Easter tablescape that I put together even though I won't be entertaining this year.

I felt like I still needed a little spring arrangement to bring Easter in and what better way to do it then with fresh flowers! And for me with Tulips!

I just purchased the pitcher with the monogrammed "M" and I love it!

I added some mason jars and a little white pitcher on a silver tray that I had and filled them with
 my silver flatware that I think is just beautiful!

They were given to me by my husband Mike's Grandmother. I think she knew I cherish and appreciated beautiful things!

Having them displayed where I can see them, makes me remember how special family is!
The pattern is Towle Old Master Sterling Silver pattern. So pretty!

So again from my home to yours, "Happy Easter!"

Enjoy making memories with your family and keeping them close in your heart.

I know I will!

Until next time my friends!