My New Barn Door

Friday, March 3, 2017

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Artisan Hardware and may contain affiliate links. However, all opinions are my own.

Hey friends!

Well the day has finally arrived! It's a day that I've longed for forever!

I FINALLY have a barn door!

I've done posts in the past about my love for barn doors, but I just couldn't decide where one would be the best fit in my home. Then one day, while working around in my grandkids overnight room/My office it hit me! 

The closet door in this room would be Perfecto!!

The closet is a pretty decent size, but the opening to the closet is so tiny that it makes it hard to get in and out of. Then you add a bifold door to the opening and well you get the picture.

Here's a look at it before...

Design Flaw!!

This is now my home decor closet, so it has some large items stored there. Like extra dining chairs, lamps, rugs, etc. Having a barn door allows you to use the entire opening, which would be great! Something to think about if you have a small space!

When Artisan Hardware and I decided on this collaboration I was over the moon excited!

Let me first give you a little background on this amazing, and customer friendly company.  Their goal is to give you a personal touch for your project needs.  From designing, to ordering, to installation questions, they have you covered! Not to mention an outstanding, quality item that will last a lifetime!

I can't tell you how many people I know that have bought their barn doors from the "Big Box" stores only to come home and are totally lost on how to install the dang thing! Or it's falling apart in 6 months.

When you order from Artisan Hardware they'll be with you every step of the way! And that's a great feeling, especially when you've never tackled a project like this before!

We went with the 6ft. Classic Barn Door Hardware in the Raw finish and signature handle.

The Signature Handle

As most of you know we have three precious granddaughters, and this is their sweet little room for overnight stays with Mimi & Papa. We reached the milestone where I no longer needed a crib in the corner full-time, and thought this was a great opportunity to create a cozy little reading corner for them.  

The fun, fur bean bag chair, sconce, and moon light are all from Urban Outfitters.

You can see how although not a pretty pic, it makes accessing my home decor much easier!

The Classic Barn Door Hardware has a simple yet sleek design, and would work well with rustic to modern. As an added bonus I have the confidence that each product is designed, finished and packaged in their American location.

Let me state that the white five panel door is our own door. But you can order the whole complete design even down to having it Pre-Hung. The selection of beautiful Barn Doors is limitless!

Here's a few of my favorite doors, that have caught my eye!

 Artisan Hardware Barn Doors can be painted, stained or left unfinished. The beauty of their site is you can customize your door down to the very last detail.

I couldn't be happier with the completed project, and want to thank Artisan Hardware for this opportunity!

You may ask, do you see another Artisan Hardware Barn Door  installation in the future?

And that would be an astounding YES!!

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Five Friday Favs!

Friday, February 3, 2017

So we made it to another Friday...And I want you all to know how much I <3,  you because I'm typing this with an injury!

You see, heres what you might not know about me. I'm accident prone!

I sliced my finger with a knife the other day, and its making it very difficult to type!

Now the weird thing is, is this is the second time in about a month that I've cut my finger, bad!

I think I need to just slow down, and think about my movements more! My husband likes to say,  I'm a bull in a china cabinet!

Thanks honey, I don't think thats a compliment!

But, I'm here and we are doing this, dang it!

So is everyone ready for Valentines Day and SPRING?

Its my favorite time of year, and with it I have a whole host of goodies that I'm loving right now...


This is popping up everywhere! I just love the combo of different textures! The smooth marble combined with the rustic wood!


I'm loving the more minimalist look these days and these gold round mirrors have caught my eye!


Okay here's the deal people!

I'm sick and tired of buying succulents for the house and they end up dying!

I really don't get it!  I even consider myself to having a slightly green thumb!

I've researched. I've googled. I've talked to nursery people!

Still. DEAD!!

So with that I've given in and gone to artificial. And can I just say, if you buy a good quality artificial succulent, it's very hard to tell!

I've picked out some of my favs that are absolutely beautiful, if like me you're are fed up!

{Don't forget to scroll down under my signature for more options!}

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought I would give you all a couple of cute decor ideas!

I really don't decorate for Valentine's Day! But I love to just add a cute pillow and maybe a pop of pink on my white shelves in the kitchen!


I'm also very choosy when it comes to the Valentine's pillows that use! Some can be too cutesy for my taste!

I love these because they have a subtle cuteness!

And by the way, subtle cuteness, thats a thing!

All of these below are from Nordstroms and they are just so stinking cute!


There's something that I just love about pink dishware. Even though I would not necessarily say that I'm a huge pink fan!

Pink has to be done, in my honest opinion, in small doses!

Rach Parcell is one of those people that knows how to do it right!

Take a look at her bright white kitchen shelves with a touch of pink


Heres what I found so you can have the same look as Rach!


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FlashPoint Candles

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FlashPoint Candles and may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Today I'm showcasing a beautiful candle that I received or what I like to call, a piece of art! 

  FlashPoint Candles is a company out of good ole Tennessee! Started in 2011 by Drea Groeschel, selling her candles at the Nashville Farmers market to make extra income. What drew me to their products were the pure uniqueness and quality of each candle!

I was fortunate to receive the 4 wick Small Villa in white with Emerald Mist scent!

What I absolutely love about these candles is the pottery can be repurposed once you've used the candle! I just love that!

I'm a succulent girl and I can just see a beautiful green succulent against the cool white pottery and shining sea green glazing inside!

With its contemporary shape and classic Earthenware pottery it fits perfectly into any decor! The Emerald Mist scent is described as, "The smell of fresh morning dew clinging to rich, vibrant, green vegetation of the Pacific Northwest. A hint of the nearby ocean lends a crispness and vigor to this invigorating fragrance."

I'll say! :)

 I had mine burning and my friend came over to visit and the first words out of her mouth was, "Your house smells AMAZING!"

Each specialty candle is hand poured by Artisans in the USA, and made with premium soy wax and natural cotton wicks.

They have a candle to fit your every need from minis, to tapers, pillars, lanterns, small pottery all the way up to the big daddy of them all, a huge 49 lb. / 23-Wick Beauregard Candle!

This thing is massive, who needs a fireplace to keep you warm on these freezing cold nights!!

And who wouldn't want one of these impressive 6-Wick Saxon in Crimson for Valentines Day!

Yes, please!
(Honey are you reading?)

6-Wick Saxon

These candles come in a variety of citronellas to protect you from annoying mosquitos and a medley of Laurel and Cranberry, Juniper Cypress, English Pear! 

Also, I hope you'll check out Drea's Blog where you'll find entertaining and decor tips along with some delicious recipes!

Please check out FlashPoint Candle and add one of these beauties to your home today!
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Five Friday Favs

Friday, January 27, 2017

I hope everyone had a good week!

I'll be honest I feel like there's not a lot going on right now!

I think the in-between Christmas and Spring is a hard time to decorate if you ask me!

And when I think that Christmas has only been a month ago, its so hard to believe! It feels like its been 6 months ago!

My first Fav will your home smell wonderful!

The orange/citrus scent is not overpowering and leaves your room smelling fresh and clean!

I use it when I'm cleaning up the dishes in the evening, and it immediately takes away all the food odors in the kitchen away!



I'm so in love with these bar stools you really have no idea! I have to say that I feel like I'm moving away from the farmhouse style. Now before you get all, what is she saying?  

Hear me out! I just feel like its really being over done!

Don't get me wrong,  I love some farmhouse touches here and there. But IMO I've noticed it being used way too much! #chipandjojooverload!

Which brings me to my bar stools that I have in my kitchen which are ...Farmhouse

So these are what I have in mind!

They would look so classy and clean in my white kitchen with their touch of grey!


This is in no way a sponsored post by Serena & Lily but if they'd like to send some of these products my way...I wouldn't mind! ;)

I mean how cute are these little dip dyed stools? Cute! I would love one for my bathroom! To stack towels on or a pretty plant, or to help my little granddaughters brush their teeth!


These beauties are from the Northwest and they are between 10-13 inches long! I bought mine through Amazon and they came clean and each one was nicely wrapped. I placed them in a wooden crate and they make the perfect winter decor.


Now if you're on Instagram, you have seen the craze over wooden beads!  They are like jewelry for your home, giving your home a found look with texture for styling!

They look beautiful around an old vintage bottle like this one from Pottery Barn!


Or casually lay them across some books for a simple style!

Hope your weekend is amazing!


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Five Friday Favs

Friday, January 20, 2017

Where has the week gone?

I feel like this week has flown by, and I'm okay with that!

We had our little granddaughters 4th birthday this past weekend, and it was so much fun!

She's growing up to be such a sweet, and kind little girl and not to mention beautiful!
(No bias here!)

I hope you enjoyed last weeks list of FIVE FRIDAY FAVS!




If you haven't tried the BEEKMAN BOYS line you really don't know what you're missing!

They are two NYC guys who bought a farm and are sharing their experiment in living better lives!

They produce soaps and cheese along with other mercantile from their own beloved goats!

You can feel confident that you are buying an all natural, quality product!


You know how you remember the first time you rode a bicycle, or your first kiss??

Well I can still remember the day that I discovered MRS. MEYERS
(Weird, right?)

We were touring a Southern Living Dream home and they had it on their kitchen sink, and the woman working there forced (just kidding, no forcing needed) to try it!

Well, it was love at first sniff! My favorite part of cleaning up the kitchen at night, is using the Mrs. Meyers counter spray! It really eliminates all cooking and food smells!

I pretty much have all of their cleaning, hand & body, laundry and candle products! My favorite of all time is Orange Clove! Followed by Basil, Lemon Verbena, Lavender (For Laundry, Heaven!) and Geranium!


I realize this is a generalized fav! Because I don't have one favorite fur item from one favorite store!

I just love fur!

Throws, pillows, stools you name it,  I'm in!

Fur is great for the question of, "Now that Christmas is over, how do I decorate until Spring?"

Because fur just says, "Winter!"

Warm, cozy and inviting! You don't need a ton of it either, so its not a huge investment!

A throw, or a couple of fur pillows for your couch is all you need to get the look!


Now some of you are like JuJu what??

But if you are a regular on Instagram, they are EVERYWHERE! 

And I'm a regular! 
(FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @thedailynest) <---Click Here!

I just love mine! I found mine on ETSY at a shop called, OLDWORLDSHOPPE. 

A Juju hat is a beautiful wall decor feather headdress that are handmade by artisans. They've existed for hundreds of years. These vibrant hats were used by the tribes royals and other prominent dignitaries for tribal ceremonies.

But now they have made it to main stream and are considered a piece of art. They've been featured in numerous home design magazines, television shows, movies and showcased by a few well renowned interior designers...and just little ole me!


It was always a dream of mine to own a horse!

 In fact the other day I had the bright idea to get a mini horse! They are absolutely adorable! But without the need for space or high maintenance of a full size horse.  Sadly, it will probably never happen! Another pipe dream of mine, squashed! 
(Cue Debbie Downer face!)

The closest thing I'll probably ever have to a horse, is a horse print!

Close, right? Not even! But I'll just have to make myself happy for the time being!

I took some great photos when we traveled this past fall of some beautiful horses!

 I'm in the process of having them printed. I'll frame them and hang them, and look at them and DREAM!



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