What A Wonderful World-Between You And Me Signs

Friday, January 30, 2015

Just a quick post today to show you all my new sign from Between You And Me Signs!

Y'all I love this sign!!

 It's the lyrics to "What A Wonderful World." This song is so beautiful and has always been a favorite for my husband, Mike and I. And to be able to see the lyrics everyday is so special!

 I had the perfect spot for this sign, which is an impressive 4 ft. x 2 ft.! It looks incredible in this spot, and was just what this big blank wall needed.

I love that they are a family oriented business with good ole American values! Each sign is hand made of solid wood then distressed so no two signs are alike.  Shipping was fast and it was packaged so nicely, I was impressed! Head on over to their Etsy shop and check them out! They have a variety of signs that are all customizable, so I'm sure you'll find something that will fit your needs!

Oh by the way, this isn't a sponsored post, I just love my sign that much!!

With that being said, they've been gracious enough to offer all the readers of The Daily Nest 15% off!
Woohoo!! Just enter THEDAILYNEST15 in the coupon code!

Wouldn't these signs make a beautiful, thoughtful and memorable gift for a wedding, anniversary, or baby shower?  Or if you're like me for you and your significant other!

So head on over to Between You And Me Signs Etsy shop and tell them The Daily Nest sent you!
Remember 15% off just by entering THEDAILYNEST15

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Sneak Peek Of The New Farm Table

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've probably already seen a couple sneak peeks of the new farm table.

But if you don't, I thought I would share a few photos and some updates on the new dining room.

I'm already so in love with this table! It's from World Market and it's the Rustic Java Greyson Fixed table.  And it's in a word…Perfect!

I searched and searched and did all kinds of research of dining tables from all kinds of stores, and I kept coming back to this one!

It's a very rich tone and it's rustic but not too rustic. I was afraid the top would be very rough and hard to keep clean. But it's not. So that's good! I also like that it's fixed, meaning there's no leaf. I hate storing a leaf! But I think they sell another style that has a extension. Also, I was very happy with the price!
 World Market has some great stuff! If you haven't been to their site you really should! 

As you can see I've already started to bring in some decor, even though we still have a lot to do in here. But I just can't help myself!

Mike also got the shelf that he made back up in here, and boy does it look fantastic! He designed the shelf from a shelf that I saw in an older HGTV Dream house. He did an amazing job on it!
It looks so good with the new table, like they were made for each other!

Look at that chunky leg…in this case it's good to be chunky!

This is the built ins side, and they're coming along. Mike got all the lower cabs installed along with the wood counter. Our carpenter will be here next week to install the book shelves, trim and crown mold and paint everything. 

The last thing that Mike will have to do is install all the board and batten. I can't wait to see it all come together!

I love this view with the doors slightly ajar! It looks so pretty peeking through!

I'm absolutely thrilled how everything is coming together! There's nothing better to imagine and plan a project, and it ends up looking better than you expected!

This will probably be the last update I do until the final reveal!

I hope you enjoyed my sneak peek!
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Sweet Succulents Of Mine!

Monday, January 26, 2015

When I was thinking of a title for this post all I heard in my head was Guns and Roses, Sweet Child Of Mine…So I just went for it!

"Whoa, oh whoa sweet child o'mine"

Or in this case, "Whoa, oh whoa sweet succulents o'mine"

There is something so sweet about succulents! They're small, compact, colorful and most of all…easy to grow! When I was at Lowes the other day I was searching for some "green" to bring into my home. Sometimes you just need a live plant in your home to tend to.

And let's just face it, something as small as caring for a little house plant is good for the ole soul!

Here's what you'll need:
Glass container or any container with no holes
Decorative stones or sand
Potting soil
Sphagnum moss

Step 1- Choose a glass container or any container with no drainage holes and place a layer of decorative stones or sand on the bottom approx. 1 inch.

Step 2- Then place a layer of sphagnum moss over the stones that's about 2 inches (press down)

Step 3- Add potting soil over moss leaving enough room for your plants and enough room for your plants root ball.

Step 4- Dig out a hole big enough for your plants root ball either with your hands or small spoon. Start with larger plants first. Tap soil around your plants.

Step 5- Add decorative stones around the plants (Optional). I used the black stones on the left and placed them around the succulents. Brush any soil off with a small brush or paper towel.

Step 6- Mist with a spray bottle, careful not to wet the leaves. They don't like a lot of water and the garden lady at Lowes told me to only water once a month. If you see the water seeping down to your rock, then you've watered to much.

I also potted these little succulents in terracotta pots. The pot has a drainage hole so I just placed a large stone over the hole to hold the water in.

Now you have your own little indoor and low maintenence garden! Enjoy them, take care of them and they will be good to you!
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New Bistro Dining Table

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I feel like I'm dining in a sidewalk cafe in the South of France! OK well maybe not France, but I do feel like I'm human again now that we don't have to eat on T.V trays!

Introducing the Dawson Pedestal Table from Pottery Barn in the weathered white.

I love this table!

It's the perfect size at 40 inches which is perfect for the two of us. Although I could sit four if I had to. 

I tried and tried to make this L-shaped living area one big cohesive space, but try as I might it just wasn't working! It was too big for one conversation area, and almost too small to make it into two!  Frustrating! So one day I was thinking about it, which is weird because I never think about decorating! ;)  And it came to me! What do most houses have as far as eating areas? They have a formal dining room…and a breakfast nook!

So that's what I did…a breakfast nook type area.

 Then I'll have my formal dining area with space big enough for the whole fam damily and this little table that's big enough for Mike and I. And with the big dining table gone and the big monstrous sectional gone (more on that later)  this space feels large and open!


 I love the weathered white finish and the large pedestal base.  I might not keep these chairs with it though, that's up for debate. I would love to have some little bistro chairs such as these from Ballard Designs.

I'm also trying to decide if I want a rug here or not. My Instagram peeps all say rug! But I have a rug in front of the sofa and I love how the open wood floor looks! We'll see!

 I also added the same chandelier from Overstock that's on the living room side, and raised it high so they were the same height. That way if we need to move the table for more floor space you're not knocking yourself unconscious!

So here's to feeling human again!
And a little French!
Bon appetit!!
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What's Hot In 2015!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So it's now 2015 and if you are like me you like to start the year off with a clean slate. In decorating I mean. After Christmas what I like to do is put all my Christmas decor away, have a MAJOR clean, then start clearing away all the other clutter. And by clutter I mean I take most of the things off the walls. Move off all the little nick knacks from the tables and pile it in a corner. 

I like to call this, "Room for my room to breathe!" or editing. Just let it sit like this for a few days. Then slowly start rethinking about your things, and your stuff, and your nick knacks. Ask yourself, "Are those things that you had to have in 2014 still your favorite?"
 If you look at your pile and think to yourself, If I saw this stuff in the store I wouldn't buy any of it!  Then pitch it! 

Now you need some new stuff! Right? Right! So what will be hot in 2015? Here's a few ideas to get you going!


It's kind of refreshing to think that we no longer are limited to stainless, brushed, or chrome. It's a chance to give your home a little bling and jazz it up a bit!

And you can mix and match as well! Fun!


I love cowhide and feel like it gives your room a sophistication. There are many ways to bring cowhide into your home through rugs, pillows, throws, even art.


Wallpaper is making a comeback and I couldn't be more happier! I love the fact that you can bring in so many colors and textures to your room with the simple use of wallpaper. This soft Greek key pattern is beautiful in this bedroom.


The color of indigo is still hot for 2015! Blue is such a classic color and also goes well with the Pantone color of the year Marsala which is a deep earth tone. 

If you're intimidated of color start with accent pillows or if you're a little bolder such as Michael from Inspired By Charm does in his colorful living room, then go for it!  It's all up to you!


This trend is a throwback to the 1950's through the 1970's. So the Brady Bunch house is yes, back in style! Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Sorry I couldn't resist!  It's definitely not my favorite trend but I do like some elements of it. 

This starburst mirror is a trend that I like that would be considered Mid-Century Modern. I even see some elements in Nate Berkus' line from Target. With macrame wall hangings and his modern take on the Edison bulb in these brass beauties.

So mix it up, take a chance, play around with decor!
Let's see what 2015 has in store!
Happy decorating!
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A Fruity Coffee Bar

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello everyone!

Are you fighting the snow and freezing temps? Well here in Florida we obviously are not. But it has been very dreary and foggy in the morning.

So I decided to make myself a little "Spring-Like" area that greets me in the morning as I bleary-eyed pour my coffee.

I use these versatile glass canisters for everything! But today I filled them with lemons and pears to go with my fruit theme.

 I bought some things from H & M home like this little fruit box on the shelf. They have some adorable things at some great prices!

This literally took me 5 mins. to assemble, but it just makes me smile when I see it! :)

So if you are feeling low because of the cold, dark depressing weather make yourself a little area inside your home to remind you that Spring is just around the corner!

Waiting for my new Pottery Barn table to come today, so pics to follow!
Have a great day!
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Update On The New Dining Room

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sorry for the late post today.
I feel like I've been a little MIA this past week. I'm Sorry. We've been working hard on the new dining room and it's taken a lot of time up. But I thought I would share with you where we are at this point!

Just to refresh your memory this is what we started with…

Then it looked like this…

And after this weekend it looks like this. I decided to go with Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy. It's a blue with kind of a gray undertone.  Although after staring at it for a couple of days we decided to bring the blue color down further. The white portion will be board and batten. We also are installing all new baseboards.

Hey what's on the T.V? Why it's Fixer Upper! Coincidence?

We bought our cabinets for the back window wall and they will be here tomorrow and installed this weekend. To give you an idea of what they will look like I found this picture that we are using as a guide.


Although our bottom cabinets will look like this. They will be 12 inches deep and 129 inches wide with 5 cabinets. Nice storage! I'm a fan of more storage!
We haven't totally decided what we want the tops to be. Either white wood or a stained wood. Decisions, decisions!

I wish I had more to share with you. But hopefully after this coming weekend it will look more "put together."

Happy Monday friends!
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Navy Blue For The Dining Room

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The dining room reno is coming along nicely!  We had the door to the hallway framed in and dry walled. Today Mike is painting and getting the outside of the dining room completed. Painting it the color of the living room, Revere Pewter.

From hallway side:

From dining room side:

After drywall from hallway side:

After drywall dining room side:

And here's a few pics of the room right now mostly empty.

 Notice the dust on the floor. I'm trying not to freak out!

Now on to the Inside of the dining room. This is the goody!!

I ordered my new dining table the other day, and can't wait to get it! I bought the Rustic Java Greyson Fixed Dining Table

I decided to go with this style instead of the trestle table because I liked the look of the four legs and thought it would be easier putting chairs on either end. It's nice and big and will seat 8! I can't believe that I'm finally going to get a table that will seat 8 people!

I also ordered this chandelier from Overstock. It's the Sonoma Natural Beaded Black chandelier.  I love the wooden beads on it and feel like it will make a real statement over my new table.

For the color of the room I've decided to go with a Navy Blue. I want my new dining room to have a different feel from the rest of the house, and feel cozy and intimate. We plan on doing some white board and batten and the built ins on the far side of the room will be all white as well. So I think the Navy and White combo will be timeless and classic!

Here's a little eye candy to help you see my vision:

Doesn't this just make you want to go in there and check it out? 

Back to work!!
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