Fall In The Living Room

Sunday, September 28, 2014

So I promised I would show you the living room when it was finally Fall-ified. So ta-da! It's done!

When it comes to Fall I really prefer simple. I've noticed that some like to drag out everything they own that's Fall-ish, and pile it up! But that's not the look for me. A few simple touches here and there and that works…for me. I start to feel like the walls are closing in on me, if I have too much stuff out!  But to each his own, ya know! 

So on to the room!

 I have to admit I have some ladder love going on right now. I love them! They're so versatile! For the living room use them to hang blankets, for the kitchen hang pots, herbs, or even utensils, in the bedroom you can hang your scarves or even your necklaces from them, and the bathroom they make an excellent place to hang extra towels when you're short on space! I picked mine up from Amazon for around $50.

The Burberry-ish throw I have here is actually a wrap that I wear in the Fall. Go Figure! And that's the Rens Sheepskin-Ikea  area rug that I have thrown over the ladder. No need to go out and buy something new. I used what I had!

 I also am in love with my new burlap Harvest pillow that I bought from a store here in Tampa.

 Velvet pumpkins are so in right now. I'm thinking I could make these…hmm maybe!! This color is called Lagoon and I thought it was an unexpected color for a pumpkin.

 It's not Fall without a little deer action!

 I also switched out my white/navy moroccan trellis rug for this beige/white chevron sisal rug. It just seems to give the room more texture. I added a cozy throw, and more rich vibrant pillows to the sofa.

I hope you enjoyed my Fall in the living room! I'd love to hear how you're decorating for Fall!

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