Life In The Open…Kitchen Shelving That Is!

Friday, January 24, 2014

If you patrol Pinterest at all, you've probably noticed open shelving in kitchens becoming more and more popular. At first, I didn't give this idea much thought. Maybe it's been a slow brain washing, but I've become intrigued by them.
When I first noticed them I thought who would want their whole world of mismatched mugs, beer koozie's, and free glasses exposed for everyone to see? That's where the open shelving concept won't work. You're going to have to coordinate your glassware and pitch out all of the plastic big gulp cups! Keeping your items in one color family is a way for it to look neat and tidy, and it won't make your eyes go crazy. It gives them a place to rest.  I'm loving the idea of all white dishes!
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Traditional kitchen by San Fransisco Designers & Architects

The photo above looks like they just took off the cabinet doors. Which is what I've been thinking about doing first. Instead of ripping the cabinets down and installing shelves, then realizing that you made a huge mistake! Doors are easy to put back. Baby steps!
Here's what mine look like with doors...

Here's an idea of what they would look like with no doors. I just opened them so they would be out of the picture. Can you get the idea? Some Pros and Cons about open shelving: 1. Are you organized? If you're not, then this is not for you. 2. Are items that you place there going to be used frequently? It will provide easy access to everyday items. 3. Dust might collect on things a little faster, but it will be easy to see and easier to clean off. 4. Open shelving makes the room look and feel bigger  5. Is it just too trendy? In 5-10 yrs. will you be regretting your decision?
Love these from Ballard Designs. Nice and hefty looking. I think for the kitchen they have to look and perform for more heavy duty items. So what are your thoughts on going door-less? Or with open shelving? Do you think it's too trendy? Or do you love the idea?
Too many questions!!
Have a great weekend!

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