Every time I look at the Williams-Sonoma catalogue I always drool over the garden boxes that are in there.  So I mentioned to my husband that I would love one, and ok maybe I left it on his desk turned to the page. But, who can remember all those details.

 Anyway, he said he could make it "No problem!" And here it is. Some of you have asked for the plans. And he will have those ready soon. So hold tight! 

I know Spring is right around the corner! Hopefully!!

I love it! It's the perfect height, so you don't have to bend over. We added a mailbox on the end of it to store my gloves, shovel, twine and anything else. So far it's stayed totally water tight.

I would also love a chicken coop like they have in the catalogue, but I'm not thinking he'll build one of those!

Look at these beauties! Ripe from the vine, red and delicious! Oh how I long for Spring!
Come Along For A Backyard Tour

Every Spring Mike and I always go around the yard and make a little Spring check list of things that need to be spruced up.

Most of the time we have Easter, which is the perfect time to spruce up for Spring. There's nothing like a get together at your home to get you in gear and get some projects done.  But, this year we are going out to Brunch. Which actually I'm looking forward to!

I started with the backyard, because we already know we have big plans for the front. More about that in a future post. But I'll say this... I'm excited! ;)

So this time I thought I would grab my camera and snap some shots to share with you while I did my evaluation. We're very professional here. 

 I think it might be time to get a new bird feeder. My Son gave me this one years ago for Mothers Day and I'm not sure I can part with it. We'll see.
 Mexican Petunia
 Meyer Lemon- It's actually loaded with lemons so I think I'll have a good amount to make a couple more lemon pound cakes  this year. Click on the link for the recipe.
 Calla Lilly
 Purple Pixie Loropetalum
 My beautiful stag horn that my husband put in the oak tree about 25 yrs. ago
 Peace Lily
 Rosemary and Snapdragons
 My favorite spot
 Under this oak tree
 Lavender, Oregano, and thyme (not pictured) in my garden box.
 My husband built this arbor a while ago. It's held up great. But it might be time to restain it.
We just added the white pvc fencing all the way around. Which I love!!
 Confederate Jasmine smells amazing when it blooms
 Relaxing in the Adirondacks for morning or evening coffee is also a great spot.
We also just redid this porch with brick pavers that match the pool pavers.
 I'm in the process of redoing our porch so this is just a sneak peak. New cushions from Pottery Barn in a navy and white bold stripe with red trellis accent pillows.
Sydney enjoying the sun!!

So all in all, Mike will be happy to hear that we're in pretty good shape!

Maybe just some bags of mulch, always like to refresh each year. And maybe restain the arbor and we are good to go!

Ready to swim, grill and just relax!!

Thanks for coming along!

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope your weekend was great! We continued our kitchen/dining room wall reno that I wrote about here and some progress pics here. It's coming along nicely! All new "Big" crown mold goes in tomorrow. Then paint, followed by my new shelves in the kitchen! Can't wait for that because as of now the dishes are on the counter! Ugh! That really gets to me! But as I always say in a remodel, "It has to get worse before it gets better!"

So today I headed outside for a quick little spruce up of the back porch. We went to Home Depot over the weekend and I picked up these cedar whiskey barrels to place on either side of my garden box. I wanted them to display my new gorgeous willow trellises that I ordered from White Flower Farm

They are beautiful!
I saw Kelley from The Polished Pebble use something similar to these in her fabulous herb garden, and I had to have them! Thanks for the inspiration Kelley!
 I planted a tomato plant (center) with white Pentas and Creeping Jenny to spill over the side.

 I had to give my herbs a haircut so I thought I'd make a little arrangement out of them. I have a pot with a plant that blooms orange flowers but I no idea what it is. It is pretty though!

 Ready for a sweet tea break!



  1. I am not sure what you mean by water tight?; you would want to have the soil not sit in water roots would rot You can add peat moss to your soil mixture and it will help with the water issue. If you are wanting water tight then you can get pond liner and staple in your wood box. I really like the design and the mail box idea for tools handy. Thank you for showing us your hubby's project.And with the boxes on the brick patio they get the heat from that.

  2. No I said the mailbox is water tight! The garden box has excellent drainage! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! ~Kathy

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