Bathroom Upgrade: Cambria Quartz

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Hi friends!

If you follow me over on Instagram you know we've been in the middle of a smallish bathroom update!


We have a new girl in our family, and her name is Ella!
 Ella is our new bathroom countertop provided by Cambria Quartz!  And we couldn't be more excited even if it was in the form of a human baby! Hmm, what does that say about me?

Anyway, let's backtrack a little to fill you in. It was just after Christmas when the fantastic people at Cambria and I decided to collaborate on a small bathroom reno. I was so excited to be working with such an amazing company, and also a little nervous because I wanted to make them proud!

First, they asked me if I would consider some other options other than Torquay from their Marble line. If you recall I have Cambria Quartz in Torquay in my kitchen and love it so much. Initially I thought I would use Torquay in my bathroom as well.

Torquay from Cambria

Of course I said yes!

In a couple of months we met with Christina from Cambria and Derek the owner of Adams Multicare. If you're local to the Tampa Bay area, I can't say enough about Derek and his great installers! They made the process so easy! Which is everything when doing a remodel!

 Derek pulled out the sample of Ella and bing, bang, boom the rest is history!

I love to take a look back at the before and see where we started....

Sorry for the poor lighting in this photo, I was a newbie photographer then.😒
This counter is Silestone, it's not bad, but we can do better! I just felt like it was looking dated with a lot of brown.

I still loved our custom vanity which is more of a cherry wood then it appears in the before photo. Its freestanding with pretty turned feet.

So let's get to the matter at hand and show the after!

It turned out better then expected which I always say in a home project, is a home run!
 I would love to tell you why I adore Quartz! First and foremost it does not need to be sealed! This is great! In fact the only maintenance you need to do is wipe it down with a mild soap and water.

Click here to read more about how easy quartz is to take care of ⇨⇨⇨Easy Maintenance

  It's also non-porous and non-absorbent, that means it's safer for your family because it won't harbor bacteria. Quartz provides so many more advantages than granite too...just click HERE to read more about them!

Okay so I've rambled on way to much.
But when you believe in a product like this, you want your very best friends to know about it too!

Such pretty subtle gray veining. You would think at first that it was marble!

I chose the Treeline Edge or bevel edge. Our installer thought it would look nice with our cabinets and mimic the cabinets edges.

Sussex Tube Sconce-PotteryBarn

The other "WOW" factor in the remodel is the wallpaper! I know what you're thinking. Wallpaper?? That's right it's making a comeback! I LOVE it! Its the Serena & Lily feather wallpaper in Bone.
 It's fabulous!
 It took a while to find a good paper hanger, because that's one job that my husband refuses to do! I don't blame him. This guy was done in 4 hours! Totally worth the frustration!

I added this silver bamboo mirror from Lamps Plus and it gives the room even more texture. My inspiration for this space is beachy, coastal and this was perfect!

Speaking of perfect, these two pieces that I found were also great additions to the coastal feel.

The Enya Seaglass Chandelier from Pottery Barn was a splurge I'll admit, but totally worth it! 

I knew I wanted a pretty piece of art for this wall, but everything I found was the typical "Beach" decor..seashell prints, sailboats, blah, blah, blah!

Then one night while scrolling the internet endlessly I came across this beauty!


I love Nordstroms, and this was exactly what I was looking for! It's a beach tower wall art in canvas and it's an impressive size of 24x30 but also comes in a 16x20.  And when it arrived I was amazed at the subtle, beautiful colors!

Also I have to let you in on a little secret...I did not shop in a store for one single thing that was purchased! That's right,  I confess I'm a professional on-line shopper! Well not really, but sometimes I feel like I'm one!

And lastly a big, HUGE thank you to my friends at Cambria for being so wonderful to me and being an absolute dream to work with! 💙💙

 I'm just so thrilled to share this with you guys, I just hope you're not on picture overload!

The best part about it is I don't even feel like I need a vacation, 
because It feels like my own personal ★★★★★ hotel!

Until next time friends!

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