Five Friday Favs!

Friday, February 3, 2017

So we made it to another Friday...And I want you all to know how much I <3,  you because I'm typing this with an injury!

You see, heres what you might not know about me. I'm accident prone!

I sliced my finger with a knife the other day, and its making it very difficult to type!

Now the weird thing is, is this is the second time in about a month that I've cut my finger, bad!

I think I need to just slow down, and think about my movements more! My husband likes to say,  I'm a bull in a china cabinet!

Thanks honey, I don't think thats a compliment!

But, I'm here and we are doing this, dang it!

So is everyone ready for Valentines Day and SPRING?

Its my favorite time of year, and with it I have a whole host of goodies that I'm loving right now...


This is popping up everywhere! I just love the combo of different textures! The smooth marble combined with the rustic wood!


I'm loving the more minimalist look these days and these gold round mirrors have caught my eye!


Okay here's the deal people!

I'm sick and tired of buying succulents for the house and they end up dying!

I really don't get it!  I even consider myself to having a slightly green thumb!

I've researched. I've googled. I've talked to nursery people!

Still. DEAD!!

So with that I've given in and gone to artificial. And can I just say, if you buy a good quality artificial succulent, it's very hard to tell!

I've picked out some of my favs that are absolutely beautiful, if like me you're are fed up!

{Don't forget to scroll down under my signature for more options!}

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought I would give you all a couple of cute decor ideas!

I really don't decorate for Valentine's Day! But I love to just add a cute pillow and maybe a pop of pink on my white shelves in the kitchen!


I'm also very choosy when it comes to the Valentine's pillows that use! Some can be too cutesy for my taste!

I love these because they have a subtle cuteness!

And by the way, subtle cuteness, thats a thing!

All of these below are from Nordstroms and they are just so stinking cute!


There's something that I just love about pink dishware. Even though I would not necessarily say that I'm a huge pink fan!

Pink has to be done, in my honest opinion, in small doses!

Rach Parcell is one of those people that knows how to do it right!

Take a look at her bright white kitchen shelves with a touch of pink


Heres what I found so you can have the same look as Rach!


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