Mad For Plaid

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well the election is FINALLY over, now maybe we can get back to normal!

It seems like the news nowadays is so negative. So with that I'd like to turn your attention to something a little more positive!

Christmas decorating!!

I know Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but being a blogger my mind is always running one holiday ahead!

Who am I kidding, I love Christmas and would probably decorate, blogging or not in July!

This year I'm MAD FOR PLAID!

And by the looks of online retailers, I'm not the only one!

My favorite thing in the world to decorate with is pillows and throws. Because its an easy way to give your room a totally new look. So I did a little online shopping and here's some pillows and throws that caught my eye.

And may have ended up in my cart!


Lets start with throws!

Throws add so much warmth and texture to your room. And can't your just see yourself curled up with a cup of hot chocolate with these!

Of course my love for buffalo check runs deep...way deep!

And buffalo check doesn't have to be red and black, or black and white. This pretty gray and white is buffalo check is great if your going with a more  neutral theme.

Now my other obsession. Pillows. When I say obsession, I'm not kidding!  I need a storage room just for my pillows. 

Tip: Use a Space bag to store your pillows. These bags definitely live up to the hype! Stores your items down to a manageable and easily stored size.

Sorry for the overload of sources, but I told you how much I love plaid! I think you will too!

You can shop these looks by clicking below!

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