Beaded Wood Chandeliers

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I have to say out of all my questions that I get about my home, the #1 most asked question is about my dining room chandelier!

And It's All Good!

 I have to say I agree! Its an amazing chandelier! But I have to admit that when I was shopping for chandeliers for this room, I really didn't put a lot of thought into it!

I just got online started clicking around and out popped this Beaded Wood Chandelier and it was love at first sight!

And that's the way I roll when decorating! If I like it, I know it within the first couple of minutes!

Now, have I made mistakes?

Of Course I Have!!

 But I also have made mistakes about things I pondered on for days! Like maybe when we first  got married and moved into our house, I decided that I wanted our master bedroom peach and green!!!

No, I don't think you heard me! PEACH AND GREEN!!!

I remember thinking about it for days, maybe even weeks! Okay, okay, in my defense it was the eighties! So me and my big eighties hair decided to not over think it, just go with our gut feelings.

Yes, my eighties hair was big enough for its own brain, but that's another post!

Its Overstocks Sonoma Natural Beaded Black 8-Light Chandelier

Its elegant and dramatic with wooden beads and distressed metal accents, and gives my room an old world sophistication!

It looks so beautiful all dressed up for Christmas!

In searching the web I found some others that might have given mine a run for it's money!

I love these whitewashed wooden beads! So fresh, with a coastal feeling!

And this one with the wood accents to me has a nautical feel to it!

This one from Pottery Barn is the grandest of all! Talk about a statement piece!

Like what you see? Now you can shop straight from The Daily Nest to get the same look!

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