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Monday, March 7, 2016


At first I was going to call this post…

You Can Call Me Jojo!

 But I thought y'all might think I'd lost my marbles!

As you probably know from my previous post, I love Joanna Gaines and in particular I love her farmhouse kitchen.

And one thing that I've noticed that's consistent in her styling is large signs. They're super popular right now and I knew I had the perfect place for one above my large kitchen window.

So the hunt was on! 

I came across this "Super Market" sign from Decor Steals If you're not familiar with Decor Steals they offer one deal a day at incredible prices! So you should go check them out. 

I love it and think it adds a bit of whimsy to my kitchen. Or a bit of Jojo! Okay I'll stop!

I thought I'd show you some other examples of large signs that are making bold statements!

This sign was made by a lovely Etsy shop Between You and Me Signs and it always receives compliments when someone sees it! It's the lyrics to "What a Wonderful World" and its very special to me.

Are you on board with the sign trend??

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Have a great day!

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