Sweet Succulents Of Mine!

Monday, January 26, 2015

When I was thinking of a title for this post all I heard in my head was Guns and Roses, Sweet Child Of Mine…So I just went for it!

"Whoa, oh whoa sweet child o'mine"

Or in this case, "Whoa, oh whoa sweet succulents o'mine"

There is something so sweet about succulents! They're small, compact, colorful and most of all…easy to grow! When I was at Lowes the other day I was searching for some "green" to bring into my home. Sometimes you just need a live plant in your home to tend to.

And let's just face it, something as small as caring for a little house plant is good for the ole soul!

Here's what you'll need:
Glass container or any container with no holes
Decorative stones or sand
Potting soil
Sphagnum moss

Step 1- Choose a glass container or any container with no drainage holes and place a layer of decorative stones or sand on the bottom approx. 1 inch.

Step 2- Then place a layer of sphagnum moss over the stones that's about 2 inches (press down)

Step 3- Add potting soil over moss leaving enough room for your plants and enough room for your plants root ball.

Step 4- Dig out a hole big enough for your plants root ball either with your hands or small spoon. Start with larger plants first. Tap soil around your plants.

Step 5- Add decorative stones around the plants (Optional). I used the black stones on the left and placed them around the succulents. Brush any soil off with a small brush or paper towel.

Step 6- Mist with a spray bottle, careful not to wet the leaves. They don't like a lot of water and the garden lady at Lowes told me to only water once a month. If you see the water seeping down to your rock, then you've watered to much.

I also potted these little succulents in terracotta pots. The pot has a drainage hole so I just placed a large stone over the hole to hold the water in.

Now you have your own little indoor and low maintenence garden! Enjoy them, take care of them and they will be good to you!

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