A New Year And A Fresh Start

Friday, January 2, 2015

If there's one thing I'm positive someone would say about me is... I love changing things around in my house. I feel like this keeps the energy flowing, and keeps from things feeling stagnant. Now with Christmas decor clear I feel like I can get a good handle on what my vision is for the house in 2015. 

I thought I would share with you some of our plans for our home. I'm sure this will take some time doing, but you know I'll keep you up-to-date with info and pics all along the way.

As I said before your family changes, your needs change. What worked 10 years ago no longer is functional and useful. That's where we are now. Our family is growing and I find I need: 1. More living space 2. Larger dining area.

 We've decided to make the office into a formal dining room. At one time the office was great for the boys. They would do homework, computer work, entertain friends, play music…LOUD!  But now it's wasted space! No one even goes in there! So making it into a dining room makes sense. It frees up the living room for more living space and gives us more room to entertain a large group!

 Here's a couple of examples of the direction we're headed in for the dining room.


The wall with the small window will be blocked up and built ins will go across the entire wall. Giving me much needed storage for all my dishes and dining accessories. It can also be used for a serving area.

I'm absolutely in love with these built ins from Thrifty Decor Chick! I LOVE the lights above the built ins! Thanks Sarah for the inspiration! 

Eventually the dining table will be replaced with a nice, large farm table. So that I can have all my kids over for dinner and sit comfortably. I'm eyeing this one from World Market.

As for the living room area, it's been a challenge so far. It's an L-shaped room. Too big to make for one conversation area (yelling across a room is no good), but almost too small to make into two. So instead of making it all living room what I thought I would do is bring in a small bistro table for two. It would be perfect for Mike and I to have a meal. That way it would be easy to move around when we have a larger crowd, and still giving me the much needed floor space. 

The table in the pic below is to just give me an idea of what I'm going for. I'm looking for a table about 40 inches. 

The Dawson Pedestal table from Pottery Barn is really making me want to click "Add To Cart!"

 We also removed the large shelf (that will go in the new dining room) and I brought in the industrial shelves that were on the back porch into the space. 

For the living room side things are changing here as well. We got rid of the large sectional and moved in (for now) the white slipcovered sofa and moved around one of the white chairs. Can you say room to breathe!! AHH!!!

We'll eventually get a longer sofa. This one is way too short. I've ordered Mike a nice leather armchair for some good T.V. watching.

Notice my dog waiting for me to throw her toy! Gotta love her! 

So what about you? Are you making changes for the New Year? 

Don't be afraid to try!

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