Forcing Paperwhites And Beautiful DIY Brass Bowl

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving week!! I'm so excited for this week I can't even tell you! Because Thanksgiving means being together with my family! We haven't all been together under one roof in a long time! So I'm really looking forward to that! They are my everything! And not to mention some great food, which goes without saying!!
Also, it means the official start to the holidays!! I love Christmas! It's without a doubt my favorite time of the year!! I always get this special feeling inside when the holidays arrive. 
To me it's magical!!

So today I wanted to share with you my attempt at forcing paperwhites. I love paperwhites and love the classic look of them for Christmas.  But first, I want to give a little blogger love to a blog that I've admired and followed for a while now. Pam from Simple Details has a beautiful blog and amazing style! This is an adaptation of her DIY for taking inexpensive bowls and turning them into beautiful brass bowls for her paperwhites. You can see her original post here.

She took plain, inexpensive stainless steel bowls (from Ikea) and gave them a bit of pizazz with gold paint!! I'm not a huge DIY'er, but I thought even I can do this project!  Although I know I'm a little bit late for forcing paperwhites. But once they start sprouting a little green they'll still be pretty!

Here's what I did. Don't forget to stop by Simple Details to see Pam's full tutorial and her paperwhites in full bloom!

 I bought some cheap stainless steel mixing bowls and taped them off with painters tape to make a nice gold rim.

Then to give them the look of a footed bowl I bought 2 of these angled ceiling fan mounting kits to sit the bowls on. I think they were about $10 each from Lowes. 

 Using this Valspar metallic gold paint (sorry for the ugly picture) I gave the bowls and caps one good coat of paint and let them dry for a couple of hours.

 Remove the tape immediately, while the paint is still wet to avoid them peeling into your paint.

And tah-dah! Beautiful brass footed bowls! Wink! Wink!
No one has to know!

 I searched and searched for paperwhite bulbs in my area, and I couldn't find them anywhere. Weird I know!  Lowes, Home Depot or my favorite nurseries didn't carry them. So I ordered them from Amazon and got them in 2 days. Next year I will definitely start them around the first of November.

 The bowls had no holes for drainage so I added about an inch of pebbles to the bottom then filled the bowl with some good potting soil. I gave them a little water and sent them off for awhile.

To force the bulbs to bloom I placed them in a dark, cool closet for about a week. Keeping the soil moist. Once they start to sprout I'll bring them out. I think they'll make a beautiful addition to my Christmas decor and dining room table centerpiece.

So what about you, have you tried forcing paperwhites before? I'd love to hear any tips you may have!

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