Back Porch Furniture…Redo!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hi everyone! Brrr!! It is really cold here in Florida! I mean cold for us!! I hope everyone is hanging in there up North with this crazy weather! I've seen some unbelievable pictures on the news!
So I'm sending good thoughts for everyone dealing with it!
This post might warm you up a bit and have you thinking about Summer!
 It's my back porch…redo!

If you follow me on Facebook you might have remembered seeing this picture.

That's the picture of us loaded down with our new patio furniture and hauling it back to Target. If you'd like to see what it looked like on the porch hop on over here to see it in all it's glory!

I mentioned that it was a little stiff and I thought it would soften up over time. Well we had it for about 2 months and it was so uncomfortable. Sorry Target! I loved the look of it, but we have to have comfort out there. As I mentioned, we use it like another room so comfort is very important!

While we were sitting around one morning trying to get comfortable, I decided to call customer service and see what are options were. They told me we had until the first week of December to return it. That was it…within one hour we had it loaded up in my husbands truck and were barreling down the road taking it back!!

They were very nice about it and it was an easy return. We then stopped into  Leaders Casual Furniture and found the furniture we had been dreaming about all along…

It's their Seychelles All Weather Wicker Seating, and we couldn't be happier with the comfort and look it! It's really more our style than the Target furniture anyway.

 The color of the wicker is a pretty, "Rich earth finish." And heavy! Oh my gosh, is it heavy!
I also ordered a couple of white garden stools from Amazon. Which is the perfect spot for your coffee.

 I know these are a little summery, but my husband brought them home to me and I thought they looked beautiful out by the pool!

 We bought the love seat, 2 chairs and ottoman.

This is the fabric that it comes in. The chairs are kind of a paisley and the love seat is a navy/white stripe. But they have dozens of fabrics to choose from if you want a custom look. I love the navy/white combo so it was perfect for our porch!

I'm happy we didn't just "settle" for something that we weren't truly happy with. I think this new furniture will provide years, and years of happy napping!

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