What It Means To Be Neighborly

Monday, October 27, 2014

This subject really doesn't have anything to do with home decor, but to me it does have something to do with HOME!
 I thought about writing this post as I was outside earlier today. Here's the scenario. I was working around out front watering and putting things back after the new driveway, when my neighbor who lives across the street, (No names are given to protect the innocent) came out to put her children in the car. So I keep looking waiting for her to look over to say hello and a friendly, "How are you today?" And as she is getting ready to get in the car she finally looks over, and I say, "Hi! How are you today?" Her response is a half wave and a side smile. Then she hops in the car and off she goes! Never glancing over again.

 I realize people are in a hurry and maybe she was having a bad day! But she is like this ALWAYS!! Never waves, never says hello! And for that matter never even looks our way!

So what does it mean to be neighborly? I'm not saying I want someone always up in my business and coming over every time my garage is open. But I do think just speaking to someone is neighborly. Maybe saying, "How are you today?

Now don't get me wrong we have some terrific neighbors who are just as friendly as can be! Even there to lend a helping hand when we've needed someone. I'm pretty sure that's where the phrase, borrow a cup of sugar came from. From being neighborly!

Maybe I need to live in a small town, where your neighbors will bring you a basket of muffins or a cake when something great happens like having a baby or sad like losing a family member.  Or when you go on vacation they'll pick up your mail or feed your dog/cat. Keep a look out when they see someone suspicious around your house. Not creepy keeping a look out, just neighborly!

Am I asking too much and living in a fantasy world?

So what's your idea of being neighborly? Do you know your neighbors and are friendly with them? Or do you keep your distance? (No judging!)

Also I'll have pictures and a post on the new pavered driveway in a couple of days. Which turned out fabulous!
Until then neighbor!

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