Ladder Love!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Friday! Well we made it through another week! And on top of that we made it to October!
Since I did my post the other day about Fall In The Living Room. I have to confess I have a new love. That's right! Ladder love!
I purchased mine a few weeks ago and,
 as soon as I opened the box my brain started going a 100 mph thinking of all the fun ways to accessorize and use this useful and decorative object!

Right now mine is decked out for Fall, but there are thousands of ways of using a ladder in your home. Here's some great examples that I found and love!
This first picture is how I intended to use mine when I ordered it. I bought it for the bathroom to hang a few pretty towels on it. But, as I was walking through the living room with it…I came to an abrupt stop as soon as I spied this bare wall!


The crazy thing is, is I had an antique ladder just like the one in the picture above. And in one of my crazy, throwing out stages…I threw it away!! Can you believe that! Live and learn!

This old rustic ladder has a lot of character to it. Don't you think?

This just looks like a regular ole ladder to me! But I love it! My Husband is like, "Really?" "I have 3 of them on the side of house if you want them!" He's so funny!!

This is a great idea for the laundry room area! I really might be doing this in mine! Stay tuned!

This is another ingenious way of making shelves out of ladders. I could really see this in a boys bedroom. Unless you have a climber! Also in the bedroom you could use them for scarves, or your long necklaces and jewelry. Or your shoes…


 This small ladder is adorable as a side table. You have to really think outside the box!

And of course there's always the home library or built ins. It just adds some character and interest to these built ins.

And last but not least kitchens. Very functional for getting things off those hard to reach upper cabinets.

Do you have ladder love? Let me know how you're using yours! I'd love to hear from you!
Make it a great day!

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