Trendy vs What Your Home REALLY Needs (According To Joanna Gaines Of Fixer Upper)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I admit it. I have been guilty of this on so many levels it's not even funny. Let me explain. 

Have you ever been out shopping for your home and come across something that is super trendy. And without thinking, you buy it. Then you get home and walk around aimlessly with it placing it here and there, trying to find the right home for it. Then after a few months of moving it around, from room to room you look at it and think, "What was I thinking!"

So here are a few tips from my new home decor addiction Joanna Gaines from the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper

Joanna says:
"For your own home, take the time to sit and get inspired for your own space. Define what style and feel you want to create. Let the home speak to you. Research the history of the home if you can. How do you want to re-write or preserve the story of the home?" 

This is great advice! Don't rush just because something is popular and trending right now. Otherwise you'll be stuck with things that don't fit your home. Although my family is always happy when I realize that I don't like something. Because most of the time it's given to them.

She also offers these 3 tips that are useful when trying to find what your home really needs:

* Get to a place of contentment first before you move forward, or you'll never be happy with your home. Agree to embrace where you live, not matter what it looks like or how many projects you've got to tackle.
* Embrace your season life. Let your home be a palace where you thrive. For example, if you are an empty nester, let the atmosphere of your home allow you to move emotionally forward so you don't feel stuck in the past. Or if you are a mother with young children, let your home be a place where your children thrive. Let them make messes. Let them be inspired.
* Clear to clutter. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and let your rooms breath. Quit holding on to so many things, when you clear the rooms it allows you to think beyond the space and this is where creativity flows. Don't let all your stuff stifle you.

So I told my husband I was putting myself on a spending diet! I'm not saying that I won't buy anything else for the house, after all you have to eat! But, I'm going to try and make better choices for my home, find what my home really needs!

If you haven't seen the hit show "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Joanna Gaines then you are really missing a great show. It's packed with great home renovations, and impeccable style! Not to mention their super cute little family. Joanna also has a blog, Magnolia with a shop so you can purchase some of the products that you see her using on the show. She also has a store, "Magnolia Market" in Waco, Texas.

So have you been guilty of buying things for your home, just to stay on trend?
I'd love to hear from you!

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