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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We've been getting our porch a little fall ready around here. First, we started with cleaning it up a bit. Then we bought some new patio furniture from Target. And a couple of other things to make the porch feel more like a living room space. We have a T.V. out there so it's nice when the temps cool down a bit to sit in the evening and watch T.V.

This picture is before we added the new furniture and other accessories. I'll show the finished space in a few more weeks.

So of course I've been scouring over the Internet looking at pics for some inspiration. When I came across an idea that I saw for the first time when we took a trip to Charleston, SC. 
Blue porch ceilings or "haint" blue ceilings.

Blue porch ceilings are very common in the South. Pale blue is not only visually expansive, but it also is believed that the spirits known as "haints" can't cross water. Painting their porch ceilings blue, some believed that the bad spirits couldn't enter or cross over the water.

I love this Benjamin Moore color Palladian blue. Kind of a blue/green color. I also have this color in my guest/ office room.
Here's a few blue ceilings that caught my eye!

In doing some research some believe that blue ceilings are an insect repellent. Because insects are fooled into thinking that the blue is the sky. So they don't want to nest there. Hey I'll take whatever I can get when it comes to bugs!

Traditional Porch by Charleston Interior Designers & Decorators LORRAINE G VALE, Allied ASID

And this is my all time favorite. I'm sure my house will look just like this after I paint my ceiling blue.

Traditional Exterior by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts

So what's your opinion on the blue ceiling? 

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