Our Weekend Getaway To The Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando

Monday, June 2, 2014

When you think of Orlando, Florida you might think of Walt Disney World, Epcot, Sea World and people and crowds, and lines, and people and crowds. You get what I mean.

But you won't find that here at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes. It's a little piece of paradise right in the middle of a busy, hustle-bustle city.

We took off for two nights this past weekend and didn't look back. It was without a doubt the most relaxing weekend that the two of us have had in a long time. Since we've been in the middle of our little remodel, every weekend had become projects and work. So it was much needed.

We spent Saturday in their world famous Spa! I got a facial and hair treatment, and Mike got a deep tissue massage and a nice steam. We spent the rest of the afternoon in their "Relaxation Suite."
 Snuggled in their warm robes, listening to relaxing music while snacking on delicious (and healthy) snacks. They also have organic teas, and fresh lemon and lime water.

The lighting, the music and the smell of the hotel will have you relaxed as soon as you walk through the doors. A floral-citrusy scent is diffused throughout the entire hotel!
Your olfactories will be in LOVE!!

There are gorgeous fountains everywhere!

 Some of the pics are dark because they were taken with my phone :(

 There was a small mix up with our reservation. So they upgraded us to a Suite! No problem there!
Mike had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries sent to our room, but we ate them before I could get a picture. What a sweetie he is!

 It was over 900 square feet with 1 1/2 baths and 2 private balconies! Whoop! Whoop!!


 Amazing Lobby!


 I was fascinated with all the fantastic chandeliers and light fixtures

 Entrance to the spa

 Wildlife was everywhere!

 Hello Mr. Alligator!


 It's surrounded by a golf course that was designed by the famous Greg Norman.

 Had to put one picture of us!

Sunset over Grande Lake!

Good Night my perfect weekend!

Hope your weekend was a good one too!

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