How To Make The Perfect Bed!

Monday, June 23, 2014

When you think about making a bed you might think, "Who doesn't know how to make a bed?"

Now I admit I don't make my bed everyday. I'll go in spurts of making it. And sometimes I have to conscientiously think about making it.  Whew! I feel so much better getting that off my chest! Making my bed starts my day off feeling like everything is organized and right with the world.

My husband is a freak about the bed! Let me reword that!
You see he has to have the sheets and blanket a certain way. The sheet can't be longer than the blanket and at night he pulls it down so it looks like a I said "Freak!" I could sleep in it any ole way or how!

So I started thinking about what makes for the perfect bed and started doing some research on the art of making a bed! 

This is what I found from Martha Stewart, who is the Queen of Homemaking!
First you need to start with good quality materials. Don't skimp or cheap out on bedding!
I mean after all you spend a third of your life there!

-Mattress Cover
-Fitted Sheet
-Flat Sheet
-Blanket, Comforter, or Duvet

Step 1-

Begin with a good-quality mattress and box spring. Protect the mattress with a cotton cover; Martha adds a wool pad.

Step 2-

Unless you're using a fitted sheet, make hospital corners with the bottom sheet, starting at the bed's head: Drape the sheet evenly over the bed, leaving about 1 foot of fabric hanging beyond the head. Stand beside the bed, toward its center, and pick up a side hem. Pull the hem toward you into a taut crease, then raise the creased section over the mattress so the sheet makes a triangular tent over the bed. With your other hand, smooth the sheet flat along the mattress's side. Then fold the creased section down over the side, and tuck the sheet snugly under the mattress. Repeat the process at the foot and other side of the bed.

Step 3-

Add the top sheet, and make hospital corners at the bed's foot.

Step 4-

Leave the sides untucked for easier sleeping. Finish with a blanket, quilt, or down comforter.

Extra Tip:
Give your linens a spritz of linen spray, when making the bed up or after pulling your bed down at night.
This spray by Jo Malone is a beautiful soft scent. 

You can also make your own linen spray:
Pour 3oz. of alcohol in a bowl. Add 30 drops of an essential oil of your choice and mix thoroughly. Add 1 1/2 Cups of distilled water and stir together. 
Use a funnel and pour into a plastic spray bottle.
It's that simple!

Sleep Tight!

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