Beauty And The Basket

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let's face it. Baskets have been a steadfast storage solution in home decorating for a while now.

And when I say baskets I'm referring to bins and decorative boxes too!

Not only do they provide great organization solutions, but they're stylish and can add a warmth to any room in the house.
Source Better Homes and Gardens

Baskets shown here with open shelves provide easy access to extra blankets and maybe a book to snuggle up with, while still providing functionality.

Source Better Homes and Gardens

In this home office they've used baskets and bins to keep office supplies handy. You can add  labels or gift tags attached to each basket with a pretty ribbon to help identify the contents. This also gives it the personal touch. 

Source Better Homes and Gardens

How about making your own control center?

One thing I do when I know guests are coming over is hide the remote controls!

There is nothing uglier than a big pile of black remotes piled up on your side table!

So why not use attractive display boxes that are kept in one spot? 

Everything organized in one area makes it easy when you go to look for the dumb things... it's not down in the sofa cushion! Ugh!!

Source Pinterest

Keep a pretty basket of oils, vinegars, kosher salt, pepper grinder and a fresh basil plant near your stove so everything is handy and ready to use. Line the basket with a cookie sheet to clean up any spills.

                                              Source Mini Manor Blog

In this bathroom of Ashli from Mini Manor Blog she uses wire baskets to store extra linens and extra hand towels next to the sink so her guests can grab a fresh one.

Here's a pet peeve of mine...drying my hands in someones bathroom with a "damp" towel.

Always put out fresh towels when you know guests are coming.

Also the wire baskets are easy to clean, just wipe or rinse off.

source Keswick & Country

This is an old wire egg basket used to hold extra T.P. Another thing to make sure you have enough of and it's easily accessible for your guests.

Transitional Laundry Room by Edmonton Design-Build Firms Marcson Homes Ltd.

This idea for the laundry is adorable! Separate baskets for your laundry. Then there's no excuse for a white shirt that's now pink!

Traditional Bedroom by Brooklyn Photographers Francis Dzikowski Photography Inc.

How about baskets used for double duty? These baskets are used as night stands and can also be used for extra storage! Clever!

Have you used baskets in an imaginative way in your home?

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