Succulents-Sweet Little Beauties!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Succulents are very popular now

They're popular for a couple of reasons: they're beautiful and so hardy that they're nearly indestructible!

That's my kind of plant!

I headed to my local Lowes and picked up a few items to make this succulent bowl.

Luckily they had just gotten a new shipment of these cute little plants!

I already had the bowl that I bought at a local nursery. The pop of green is just what this little space needed!

A little potting soil (for cactus plants) some rocks to provide good drainage.
 To care for your little beauties water generously during their growing season (spring and summer) In the winter let the soil go dry between watering, then water once every other month. Don't overwater! Big No-No!!

If you haven't tried your hand at succulents, give them a try. Trust me, if I can grow them so can you!

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