Small Spruce Ups With Spray Paint!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have never proclaimed to be a huge DIY'ER, and I'm so envious of all those talented people out there who are doing some amazing projects!

My husband always asks how can I have more paint on me, then the project I'm working on?
I'm a very messy painter!

But I do try! Hey A for effort, right?

But I do small projects, and I just did the new front door!
With the help of some manly muscle!

Maybe there's hope for me yet?

So I attempted a couple of little projects that in the big DIY'ER world is pitiful I know.
But, I wanted to bring in a little Easter and Spring.

Here's this metal rabbit that I had that was black and boring, so I decided to spray paint him a glossy white and spray his ears a bright gold to liven him up!
Sorry for the picture quality, it was taken from my phone.
And here he is after:

It's funny how a little spray paint can make something seem new!

Of course I still bought something new to go along with him, the seagrass tray is from Target.  I also made a little open faced terrarium  I recently picked up at Michael's. If you want more info on making terrariums here's a simple step by step by West Elm
The Peony and Daisy botanical pillows are from Pottery Barn. They're indoor/outdoor pillows, and one thing I learned is their outdoor pillows come with a pillow insert already.
I love their Spring colors!

Then I had this brown, wooden tray so I continued the white/gold theme by spraying it too. I first sprayed it white, then I used frog tape to tape a stripe down the middle and sprayed that and the handles gold.
Looks great with my gold leaf lamp.

So that's my little DIY projects for the moment!
Simple but effective, which is all I was looking for!
Have a great day!

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