How To Style An Entryway

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If there was one thing I wish I had in my house, was a true entryway or foyer!

I really don't like the fact that you come through the front door and you're in the living room!

I don't know what the fascination is, maybe it's the anticipation of what's ahead of you or around the corner!

So what I've tried to do is create a little entryway area.

 A place that you see first, you know a little "Welcome Area!"

This is what you see when you come in my house. You get the picture. Literally!!

The bombe chest is from Ethan Allen that was part of our bedroom furniture. British Classics is what it was called years ago. But it just didn't seem to work in there so it found a new home.

 I found these mirrors at Homegoods the other day.
 And thought the color would be interesting for Spring/Summer. They're kind of a turquoise color.
 They only had 3 but there were two women eyeing them, so I scooped them up! (Yes, I'm one of those that puts things in her buggy, walks around with it and then decides before checking out if I really want it or not!) Sue me!! So by the time I checked out I knew I had to have them!

 And thought I'll just figure out a configuration later!
 I know, I have a problem!

 I'm also loving gold now, even in jewelry! So this honeycomb lamp from Target was perfect! A little tray with a piece of coral and pretty little candle. And I think it says, "Welcome!"

Now if a fairy godmother could grant me a wish for the perfect foyer, (never heard that one in a story) it would look something like this-

For now it's not meant to be! 

Here are a few tips if you're like me and trying to define a space as an entryway. Or you're really lucky and have one:
  1. Define the space in some way. Paint the walls a different color to define it's own area.
  2. Use a runner to draw guests in to your home. Keep it clear of furniture so the space has a feeling of openness.
  3. Create an eye-catching wall display to immediately draw your guests in.
  4. Position a mirror so light from the sun can lighten up a dark area. And it's a great place to check your face and hair before answering the door!
  5. Hang a chandelier or pendant overhead, not too high though. You don't want to lose it's impact.
  6. Add a table lamp to create a warm and inviting glow!

So I hope these tips help you create your little welcome center in your home!

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