Five For Friday-Part 4

Friday, March 21, 2014

Another week has rolled seems the older I get the faster the weeks roll by! 

That was depressing, right? I'm kidding I'm still young at heart!

But it is already Spring! It seems like it was just Christmas!

So I'm doing my last week of Five For Friday posts. I hope they've been helpful and you've tried some new trends in your home. 

Even if it's just something small!

I've been working on my porch getting it ready with some new accessories, and some before and afters too. I'll be posting about that soon. So check back often!

So on with the last Five!

1. Brass And Wood Together:
Brass is definitely making a comeback. I know a lot of people love brass, but for me it just reminds of the 1970's! 
But pairing it with a natural element like wood, gives it an updated, more organic and less "Boogie Nights" feel.

source BHG

2. Agate:
These natural stones are sparkling and colorful. Just a simple piece will put you on the style trend.
Maybe some pretty coasters like the ones below. Or bookends on a mantle or bookshelf will give your room that spark of interesting!

source BHG
source Williams-Sonoma Home

3. Adventurous, Better Mirrors:
I know some of you are like mirrors? What is so 2014 about that? But I'm talking about bold, unique, adventurous mirrors! You know the ones that make people stop and say, "WOW!"
source BHG

4. A Touch of Yellow:
Hello Sunshine!! I have to say my fascination with yellow is bubbling over right now! Maybe because it's Spring and I already feel a desperate need to "lighten up" my house!
But, doesn't yellow just make you feel happy?
Cue, Pharrell and my now most loved song...Happy!

Contemporary Bedroom by Orlando Photographers Studio KW Photography

5. Gold Leafing:
Gold leafing is showing up everywhere! It's all over Pinterest, people are DIY'ing with gold leaf and making beautiful, bright little treasures!
Sometimes it takes me a while to get on board a train with new design trends, and I feel like I just start getting on board with them and they're gone! Oh well!
I was always a silver girl...
But, I've got me some gold leaf! (Intentional bad grammar!)
So I feel like I'm ahead of the game!
This lamp is from Target, and gold leaf is all over their store, so it won't be hard to find.

So again, I hope you've enjoyed my Five For Friday series! It's been fun seeing what's out there and on trend right now.

And even though my little series is over, rest assured when I hear of something new, you'll be the first to know!
We're tight like that!
Enjoy your weekend, and make it a good one!

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