Finding Your Home Style

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do you ever wonder what your style is when it comes to your home?

I know I do!

Are you modern, eclectic, traditional, country french, tuscan, shabby chic?

 It can be confusing for sure!

I stumbled on this quiz from Homegoods called Stylescope that will help you find your home style!

Say what? And I have to say it's pretty much right on the money!

I'm Classic with a touch of Boho!

If you read the description of classic, I would say it fits me to a tee. I like everything to be in it's place with cool ivories and warmer wood tones. And a touch of Boho might be a little adventurous, passionate, loving color with a taste for the unusual.

So then I went to Houzz and typed in classic and these are the photos that I could see myself in.

I wish I could see myself in them...and living in them too!

But, I'll have to take second best and just take elements from them and implement them into my home!

Here's a couple of examples of a touch of Boho:

Los Angeles Photographers Alex Amend Photography

The first photo is still classic and traditional but with the pop of color (the Boho touch) it gives it an unexpected touch!

The second photo is described as boho elegance, simple peaceful. It looks like you could just curl up there! 
Yeah I'd say that's my style!

So what's your home style? Head over to Homegoods and take the Stylescope quiz, then to Houzz and see what you come up with.

It makes shopping for your home much easier when you have your style nailed down!
Good Luck!

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