Fiddle Leaf Fig, Oh How I Love You!

Friday, February 21, 2014

I have a new love. He's tall, lush, sculptural, he's VERY photogenic, and above all he REALLY stands out in a room! You might even say he's eye candy!

He's a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. 

And I want him.

Now Please!
Photo courtesy of Daniel Kanter via Manhatten Nest

Isn't He Beautiful!!

But the question is...Could he love me?

  From what I'm hearing around town is he's selective about who he lives with.

If he was on
Not a real website! Duh!

His bio might read like this:

Hi my name is Fiddle Leaf Fig
 I need light and space.
 I don't like to drink a lot (that's a plus) just when I'm feeling parched.
I like to move slow, meaning I'm a slow grower. So bear with me.
 I also love to be rubbed clean every once and a while to keep the dust off of me.
 I can be expensive, even before you buy a pot big enough for me!

The good ones always are!

via hi sugarplum

If he'll just give me a chance I promise I won't neglect him...I'll love him, we'll have a drink now and then, and I'll give him plenty of sunshine.
 Maybe even some good conversation!

I want the real thing like most women do, but could I make myself happy with a fake? I don't know. Some look pretty good.  As the photo below shows.

But we all know there's no replacement for "The Real Thing!"
via Silks Are Forever

Can I handle getting my heart broken if it doesn't work out? If I lost him. Would I get back out there and try again?

So many questions. I guess the only way to know is to just put myself out there and take a risk!

It is better to have loved, then to have never loved at all!

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