A Little Help In The Kitchen

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I finally got my new little step stool painted and hung for the kitchen!

It's the Bekvam Stepladder from Ikea and it's super cute!

It's $34.99 and comes in an unfinished Beech wood. I sprayed it with Rust-O-leum spray paint in (gloss) Red. It didn't take me too long to put it together either.

I hung it right outside the kitchen in the laundry room, so now getting things out of the top cabinet won't be a problem anymore!

It also comes with this nifty little bracket to hang it with. So it folds up nicely and out of the way.
So that's one less thing I have to call my husband for!


  1. Btw! This comment is from one of my dearest bff's! She doesn't mind if I call her a smartypants!

  2. I put it together AND sprayed it myself smartypants!! Lol

  3. Did you actually spray it yourself, as in hold the can, push the button? Or, did you pick the color? lol - Either way it looks maaaavelous.


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