Tray Chic!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is having a good weekend! We had a productive weekend which I guess would be considered a good weekend. We started Saturday off with a trip to Ikea. I haven't been there in a LONG time! Although I do stalk the website quite a bit. So I was familiar with their merchandise which meant my shopping was quick, streamlined and successful! I know I have a problem! I'll be showing you all some of my purchases in the upcoming days. So stay tuned. We also worked on the empty nest room, patching holes and getting it ready for paint! Yay! Progress!
As I was thinking of the decor that I want to put in this room, I realized the one decor staple that I ALWAYS go to is trays! I have to admit, I have a little fixation for them. I mean think about it they keep everything neat and tidy on your table and also keeps your trinkets from just floating around on the table, in no man's land. I also love them on ottomans as well. Plus, when company comes just remove the tray and you have extra seating!  It just adds another layer to an otherwise boring mixture of accessories.
Here are some stylish looks using trays:
1. This makes me think of spring! With the yellow daffodils and the the white pitcher. So fresh from
2. Love the black and white graphic pattern on this tray made by
3. Rattan trays in a rectangle and oval add texture to any tablescape. Via
4. An antique silver tray with beautiful bathroom accessories by
5. This monogrammed tray is the perfect touch to add some personalization. Via
6. Go coastal! With shells, silver candle sticks and a pretty silver vase with white flowers.
7. This is my look in our office. A square mirrored tray with mercury glass candles, a sea urchin from Nate Berkus' collection from Target and a white sculpture from Homegoods.

What about going quirky like this Radio Flyer tray from  How adorable for a kids party!
Some tips for styling a tray is to have a taller object say candlesticks or maybe an orchid or plant in a vase, some books stacked larger to smaller, some ambient light (candles, a lantern)  and an object of some sort.


Galvanized tray from
And what a great way to corral all your breakfast items together! Just have fun with it! There is no wrong way if you love it! I mean that's what decorating is, your vision! What other fun ways have you used trays?
Have a great day!


  1. There's just something about them isn't there! Xo Kathy

  2. I love trays and have them all over the house. Just bought a new one a couple of days ago.


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