Monday with Memaw!

Monday, January 27, 2014

My Memaw when she won for her creation of a citrus jello mold. She won an electric knife! And this picture was featured in the local paper!

I've often wondered where I get my love for the domestic life from. I come from a long line of great southern cooks. My Mom and my Aunts all love to decorate their homes and they all can whip up some tasty vittles in the kitchen!

But, it was my Grandma (my Mom's Mama) that I think instilled the love of home at a very young age. They lived on the Withlacoochee River, with an orange grove on their property. And it holds a very special place in my heart. Because it was always filled with  family! (A lot! My Mom is the youngest of 5!)  There was always fishing, boating, gardening, picking oranges, getting dirty, and most of all…food! We would all pile in there on the weekends and my Grandma, my Mom and Aunts cooked every meal! No takeout, no pizza... home cooked meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of the kids would sleep on cots on a screened porch at first then they enclosed it. Thank you!! I never remember my Grandma getting irritated with all those people in her house!

It became a joke that when we would arrive, before I would even speak to anyone, I went straight to the kitchen to check all the pots to see what was cooking on the stove! And there was always something cooking when we got there! Everything was fresh from my Grandpa's garden and totally from scratch! There were fresh collard greens, fresh green beans, "real" mashed potatoes, pot roast with gravy and homemade fried chicken just to name a few! Homemade desserts too! She also made all her own pickles and jams! And her biscuits were to die for!

My Grandpa always had a beautiful garden and orange groves. One of my most vivid memories is laying down in the rows of his garden and smelling all the fresh vegetables. I can remember helping him juice oranges that he would sell. And then my Sister and I would make an Orange Juice stand on the side of the road and sell oranges and juice. Such simple uncomplicated times. It brings a tear to my eye to think that those times are gone. But, they're in my memory, forever!

So I keep this picture of my Memaw in my kitchen to remind me of where my love of home and family come from, and to never forget.
Hope you have a great day!
xo, Kathy


  1. Kathy, what a sweet memory. My grandmother, "Mammaw," was quite the southern cook, too. She also had a sister in Northern Kentucky, who if she heard a relative was in town, the stove and over became filled with all kinds of good food cooking! I stumbled upon your blog through Beneath My Heart. Keep up the excellent work. Your blog is beautiful. Hey, can you give some instruction on that planter box your husband made?'s great looking!

  2. Hi Dawn Rene! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments! I love Beneath My Heart! Such an inspiration! Isn't it great we both had Grandma's that were great southern cooks! I've had a couple of people request the plans for the garden box, so I'll have my husband write them out and I'll post it! It's patterned after the Williams-Sonoma garden boxes. Thanks again for reading! :)


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