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Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm confused...who lives here, and what are their initials? You can't miss these babies when you walk in our house! It's no secret that I like things that make a statement and these typesetter plaques from Ballard Design fit the bill! I love them no matter!
I saw Bill and Guiliana Rancic use the same thing in their new, gorgeous home and knew that's what I wanted for this space! If you haven't seen their home google it and you'll see what I mean!

Also, I'm thinking about painting the large shelf on the right a creamy white. Thoughts? I'm in the mood to lighten things up a bit. We originally stained it to compliment the dining room table. But, you know once it's painted...yikes! I'll think about that another day, Scarlett!

Also, I thought I'd share with you a couple of things we picked up at Ikea the other day. First, we got this really nice lamp that's sort of a hammered metal finish. We bought a lampshade but it was too white looking, so I switched it out for this one that was in our bedroom. I'll save the new one for the empty nest room that we're working on. Which by the way is a disaster area! I was hoping to put some progress pictures up, but to be honest we didn't get much done this weekend. :( Also from Ikea are these cute little faux plants. I put them on these Pottery Barn candlestick holders and added a little green moss around the base. It kind of gives these candle holders another purpose!
So that's it for today! I'm doing these pictures and post from my IPad today, so please excuse the not so great pictures!
Happy Monday! :)
XO, Kathy

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