Empty space!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

For those that know me, know there is not a lot of empty space in my house and because our house is forever "evolving" things are getting switched out at a high rate of speed! (A little exaggeration!) Which means when the kids moved out they pretty much had a good amount of furniture and accessories to decorate their new places! My husband always says, "Why is it when the kids move out, it always costs me money?" Isn't he funny? Not! So anyway, there are not a lot of empty spaces in our house is my point! Except this one:
This little area is in the corner of our Master bedroom. When we built it we were going to make it a window seat. Good idea right? Well, it never happened. So when we redid our room I think for the 5th time, I've been trying to figure out what to put there. I was thinking something on the lines of this:

Love this look from ikea.com Also, maybe a little side table like this 
From target.com so just a few thoughts for this little pain in the neck area! Check back to see what I finally decided! You know it's a work in progress! Take care!


  1. How about a chaise with arms? & gotta either use light on chest next to it or have one to read by. I can't wait to see what ya do.

  2. Yes thank you Jann! No arms are defintely a concern! Thanks for my 1st comment!!


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