Empty Nest Makeover

Friday, December 27, 2013

So our little nest is empty. Sad, but true! It's surrounded by a mixture of emotions. Sad, happy, accomplished, freeing, empty but fulfilled at the same time. Our youngest son moved out about 3 months ago. And this room is filled with great memories, of bringing him home from the hospital and placing him in his little crib. Of all his years growing up, from childhood to manhood. It's weird because I think the one thing that is the strangest, is the quiet. He played guitar since his Middle school days and there was always music coming from his room. Sometimes I would just go in his room and lay on his bed while he played his guitar for hours on end and we would sing. We thought we sounded amazing, but in reality who knows what we sounded like! But, that doesn't matter. It's the memories! So now his room is empty. Empty of furniture but not empty of memories. I told myself I was not going to do anything with it until the first of the year. Close enough! I need to bring new life in to this room! Here is what the rooms looks like now-
Not quite empty. It has a twin bed, a crib for our Grandbaby, and a what are they called...oh yeah an excercise bike (out of the picture) The shelf above the bed I know looks weird. It's where he had his stereo and that is coming down.

I'm leaving the shelves and toying with the idea of painting them white. And I definitely want to do something different with these itty bitty closet doors. Maybe an actual door? We'll see.

The door leads to the hall. And the angled board on the wall was where he hung his guitars. (tear!)
It has nice crown mold, so that is already done. And we are jerking up the carpet as well, and installing wood floors. Which will give it a nice fresh look! And that is the look that I'm going for, bright, fresh & clean! A happy place to be in! I created this mood board so you can get an idea of where my ideas are heading!

Most of these items are from West Elm Westelm.com. I've just recently discovered this store which is affiliated with Pottery Barn. It has a younger fresher look than Pottery Barn, which I'm diggin! Perfect for the look I'm going for! The wall color I'm toying with is Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue  http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/palladianblue . It's a calm and relaxed color, with a soft airy feel!

It says that it combines the blue of the sky with a touch of mother of pearl!
So I will keep you up to date in the next few weeks with progress pictures!
Take care!

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